SurveyUSA Senate Approval Ratings Out..Oh My!

Anglico blogged on a different set of numbers showing just how little power our House and Senate members bring back to North Carolina. Now SurveyUSA's Senate Approval ratings are in and they backup the numbers given by Congress.Org in their power rankings.

More on the flip side...

Elizabeth Dole ranked 70th out of 100 senators with an approval rating of just 50% and a disapproval rating of 42% for a net approval rating of just 8%.

Burr is going to have to work a bit harder if he wants to even be considered for a second term. He hasn't been in Washington long enough to screw up this horribly. He's ranked 94th in the list of 100 with an approval rating of 41% and a disapproval rating of 45% for a net approval rating of -4%. A negative rating? Oh My!


Oh my indeed!

These results seem almost backwards to me.

Survey Says!!!!..........

They is all FUBARED! And should they get elected again for another term, We are all FUBARED!

The hits just keep coming

At first I thought these were the same numbers that Anglico quoted. I remembered him quoting the site, but it is pretty telling when two separate sites rank your senators this low using two different sets of criteria.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.