Support Democratic Judges on Tuesday

On May 2nd, judges will be on the primary ballot with the top two in each race heading on to the general election. Since this has been an exam week for me, I have not been able to do a thorough analysis on each candidate (and with a final tomorrow at 9AM will not be able to do one now), but luckily the NCDP has put together a list of judicial candidates that have been long time Democrats here. Since judge's party affiliation will not be listed on the ballot and there is only one race that has more than one Democrat and in each the Democrat is the best candidate (in my humble opinion), this is a pretty good shorthand to remember when going to the polls.

North Carolina Supreme Court

Supreme Court Chief Justice (Parker Seat): Chief Justice Sarah Parker

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Timmons-Goodson Seat): Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson

Supreme Court Associate Justice (Wainwright Seat):
Special Deputy Attorney General Jill Cheek
Judge William C. "Bill" Gore
Judge Robin Hudson


North Carolina Court of Appeals

Court of Appeals (Hunter Seat):
Judge Robert C. "Bob" Hunter

Court of Appeals (Stephens Seat):
Judge Linda Stephens



BG is no democrat

Check out Gore's answers to the NC Family Policy Council Questionnaire. Here's the other republican's answers. Not much difference, eh?

Roberts instead of Scalia? Wow, that's really turning towards democratic principles. I like the no to legalized sex among consenting adults, no to Roe v. Wade. Yes to shoving his religious beliefs down your throat in his courtroom and at your children's schools. I don't know why he says he's a democrat but he isn't like any democrat I know or want to know.


May be the choice in this one.


No maybe about it.