Support for the democratic governor candidate

So I want to hear how to respond to this. I can think of quite a few reasons why I am voting for Perdue. not the least is that the Governor makes a difference in things like Board of Elections Director, redistricting appointing people to positions that make life better.

But why are folks who are conservative but not right wing like McCrory enought to vote for him instead of her.>>>? it seems like she made a boo boo by non attending the debate.

What can I say to persuade them that missing the debate is excusable? I try to tell them that McCrory is very far right and would do terrible things to our economy.

Need ideas.


Three easy points

1. McCrory wants to use vouchers to dismantle funding for public schools.

2. He's secretive and slippery, and he still has not disclosed his financial relationship with Duke Energy - his employer of 18 years.

3. His judgment is impaired. He thinks George Bush is a GREAT PRESIDENT and fully supports the McCain/Palin ticket.

And one bonus point: He's just another lying Republican who favors business interests over the interests of regular people.


Doubts about Dole?

Thanks for the talking points

I was confused between McHenry and McCrory. But this is helpful. I fear that Perdue is losing. And perhaps it will be turning around. But she has no friends around where I live, just people who are going to vote for her because he is worse.

Not sure these points will work on Republicans so well. or R leaning Undecideds.

Why did she decide to skip the debate?