Sunday thinking

A Twitter post I saw this morning gave me a glimmer of hope. It argued that there's no way the US House will send the case to the Senate before the work is done. That means having i's dotted and t's crossed. For better or worse, that can't happen as long as subpoenas are ignored and litigation is ongoing. It could take until March or longer for the charges to be resolved.

NOTE: If any of you are in touch with Democratic leaders, please pass along this suggestion to them:

Do ONE weekly summary that updates everything important, both conclusions and process, about the proceedings. Do it in such a way that it becomes something that people on both sides of the aisle look forward to. Excellent and clear writing is required. Having the right name is extremely important, more important than you know.



A friend asked why

we can be in a place where such grave offenses are permitted without widespread outrage. I think that it must be a marketing and messaging problem.

I wish we could mount a National Strike.

Sensory overload

Trump is such a despicable person, he has actually changed the metric for the way many Americans gauge right and wrong. Corruption, narcissism, overt racism, power-mongering, all of these things are now approaching "acceptable" behavior, or at least not unacceptable behavior.

Whether this conditioning is permanent or just an aberration remains to be seen, but we can't survive another four years of it.