Sunday papers around NC

As you might guess, this week there's an election theme to the big stories.
Ashevile: WNC and Perdue
Char-O: How much can Obama take on?
ECity: History and challenges
Gboro: You're wrong (also: Ed's column)
Gville Reflector: Repudiation of Jim Crow
N&O: Reform much? (also: The making of godless)
Wilmington: She prayed every day

Edit: Links fixed



Char-O and N&O should be on the same line today. Same Mark Johnson McCrory sour grapes story that takes McCrory at face value and puts a question mark after everything else.

As of writing your links were messed up. I'll try to fix them.

Update: Links fixed. You need more coffee Kirk.


Thanks, G.
Musta copied an old version over.
More coffee is always gooodddd.


Me too

I often select and forget to copy, but I never forget good coffee.