Sunday News: Wayne Goodwin chosen as NCDP Chair

NC DEMOCRATIC PARTY ELECTS WAYNE GOODWIN AS CHAIR (WRAL-TV) The State Executive Committee of the N.C. Democratic Party voted Saturday to elect Wayne Goodwin as chair. Goodwin will serve as chair for the 2017-2019 term. He served four terms in the North Carolina House of Representatives before serving as Insurance Commissioner for eight years. After the meeting, Cooper spoke about restoring more balance to the state house. "What we have to do is get good people to run for office," Cooper said. "It's hard to attract good people to run for the legislature."

THOUSANDS ATTEND 'MORAL MARCH' IN RALEIGH ON HOST OF ISSUES (WRAL-TV) -- Thousands of people attended an annual civil rights march Saturday in Raleigh that in recent years has focused on fighting the conservative-leaning agenda in state government. But Saturday's 11th annual "Moral March on Raleigh" led by the state NAACP included speakers focused on opposition to actions by President Donald Trump, particularly on immigration. Other rallies held in Raleigh this year have been critical of Trump.

TRUMP DROPS DEFENSE OF OBAMA GUIDELINES ON TRANSGENDER STUDENTS (New York Times) -- The Trump administration has dropped the federal government’s challenge to a nationwide injunction issued last year that blocked the fulfillment of Obama administration guidelines stating that transgender students’ access to bathrooms and other gender-segregated school facilities was protected under existing federal civil rights law. The Obama administration evolved into an ardent defender of transgender students, suing North Carolina over a law there restricting transgender people’s access to public bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms. In May, the administration warned public school districts that they could face lawsuits or a loss of federal funds if they did the same.

TIM WHITE: IS THIS WHAT PYRRHIC VICTORY LOOKS LIKE? (Fayetteville Observer column) -- Even as the Republican Party savors what may be its greatest power ever, the pendulum is swinging. It's flashing a signal that's bright, glowing neon, spelling out the word that's the inevitable downfall of every powerful institution: Arrogance. The arrogance I'm looking at is in the more conventional politicians, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had a remarkable theatrical moment last week during Attorney General Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing. Invoking an obscure and antiquated Senate rule, he stopped Sen. Elizabeth Warren from reading a comment about Sessions made by Coretta Scott King. He ordered Warren silenced.

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