Sunday News Roundup

From The Washington Post: Lobbyists in Washington are already planning ways around new rules. Members of Congress running unopposed still spending large. French take to the streets to protest job descrimination. Haven't they heard of blogs? I just don't trust Rummy on his opinion of the war, do you?

From The New York Times: Torture of detainees by U.S. forces more widespread than first believed. Republicans in Congress add private pension plans to their growing pile of fuck ups.
Illinois primary elections are on Tuesday. Is it liberals or women the extremists don't want on the Supreme Court?

More news below the fold...

From the San Diego Union-Tribune: Calf of infected cow can't be located. Don't miss their excellent coverage of the Randy "Duke" Cunningham case.

From BlueNC: Screwy Hoolie is stirring things up in Asheville. The new GOP fundraising theme for 2006 has been uncovered. Health Care reform starts at state level. Take a look at who gets served under a Democratic administration. Just another puffy sounding wingnut group is attacking the bar association.

From U.S.A. Today: All those huge corporate fines? Nah.....just like taxes, they don't pay those either. White House holds small pox drill and as is typical Dubya didn't show. Rummy writes an opinion piece for the WaPo saying we need to stay and finish our mission, but the Pentagon wants our troops out? Can they please get their story straight!

From Newsweek: A new Newsweek poll shows Bush at 36% approval. That high still? So now it's the Republicans who are disorganized. Eleanor Clift thinks Feingold handed this one to the Republicans. (I usually agree with her, but not on this one.)

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Great round up.

The Supreme Court stuff is scary. But it's not liberals or women. It's liberals and women. And for the same reason. Wingers hate both.

It's easy to understand why they hate liberals. Liberals value the role of government. Wingers hate government, ergo, wingers hate liberals.

It's less clear why wingers hate women. Or actually they don't hate them all. Women who are willing to surrender their rights and choices and ambitions and lives to men, well those women are just fine. Keep them home. Keep them pregnant. Keep them on their knees. Wingers LOVE those kind of women.

Wingers hate women

because they are scared of us. We are the one thing they can't survive without...well besides food and water. They like sex too much of the hetero variety and who else would put the food and drink on the table for them...let alone cook it? We provide the bloodline for the great white race....

What!! WAIT!! My husband is coming home in a few hours and this house is a mess!! What am I doing sitting here enjoying myself?? I need to get busy cleaning, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and preparing his noon meal.....'cause you know that Republican of mine is going to want to eat when he gets home. We'll be waiting at the door with his lunch and the remote. I'll let you know which he grabs first. Byyyyeeeeeee

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

A - I always cover

the leftovers with saran wrap. What else would I use silly? The only thing on his mind will be Carolina basketball. I'm used to me.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


You are one funny bunny!

It depends on where you live.

We happen to live in more progressive areas. Try hanging out down east. It's not as wingnuttery as some other states, but we do have some very conservative areas of this state.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.