Sunday News: Leave, Forest, leave


LT. GOV. FOREST PREDICTS HE’LL BE GOVERNOR IN 4 YEARS (New Bern Sun Journal) – Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest predicted that, in four years, he would be governor. Forest, speaking at the Craven County Republican Presidents Day Dinner, outlined a plan to do “virtual press conferences,” following President Trump’s lead “to get the message out to the people we want to get it, so you can know what’s going on in Raleigh.” He said he planned to spend a lot of time in Washington DC seeking help for the state, and that he plans to “go into the communities that politicians don’t usually go into…” impoverished communities, he said, to work on improving educational opportunities.

MUSLIM GROUP ASKS FOR FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OF DEATH THREATS (Winston-Salem Journal) -- The nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group is requesting a federal investigation after death threats were made against the Muslim community during a meeting in Kernersville on Thursday. The meeting, attended by about 20 people at a seafood restaurant, included a focus on a “supposed Muslim plot to conquer the United States,” according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). This allegation apparently incited violent ideas by some participants.

AREA AUTHORS JOIN LIBERAL WEBZINE (Wilmington Star-News) -- Area authors are contributing to "Scoundrel Time," a web-only magazine offering activist response to the current political climate. "Stories, in all their glorious forms, are the lies that tell us the truth — about individual, particular experience, about the immense variety of human emotion, about the absurdity of the world around us," Bender wrote in a statement on the Scoundrel Time website. "In a world in which truth is being manipulated to attain and abuse power, fiction is important in its ability to provide us with that most enlightening narrative: individual, precise perception and experience."

PROTESTS ARE 'A CRY FROM AMERICA'S MORAL CENTER' (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- The state-based coalition of moral leaders and issue-based advocacy groups who organized this year’s Moral March first came together in 2006, when Democrats were in power in North Carolina. Our fusion coalition – many faiths and belief systems, and all the hues of the human rainbow – built power by successfully advocating for an expansion of voting rights and educating poor and working people about issues that directly impact them. In 2010, we experienced a backlash against our growing political power. Extremists hijacked our state’s Republican Party and took control of all three branches of government by using the same combination of corporate funding and fear-based populism that fueled the Trump campaign.

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