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Gosh golly, it's been a while:
For starters, I'm glad to see that glad to see Rudy's getting the attention he deserves even around here. Someone explain why we can't just jump from fact checking and ad busting to some kind of 'here's how stupid they think you are' metric. This latest pegs the damn meter in my book.
I mean, this guy is not an idiot, but he thinks most of the people who will vote in the Republican primary must be. Socialized-freekin'-medicine? Jeez Rudy, what damn year do you think we live in? Most of the folks who put your party in power are watching their benefits slip away along with the quality of their health care and all you got to offer is that socialized medicine is bad and the scewed up system we have now is good and keeps the commies away. Hyperbole is one thing, but lying about medical realities for a couple more poll percentages is shameful.

• Pam's got a good clip of Jim Neal at the Equality NC conference.
• The nicest thing about Time Select is that it put MoDo's ramblings out of reach. Why, I'd almost forgot how whip-smart she is.
• Oh, and ladies — CNN says some folks is calling you slutty.
• And this, well, I was a surfing around for something and saw a lovely set of predictions about the 2006 Senate elections. So confident , so proud, so totally wrong.

Finally, a few words from Krugman via Alternet:

Paul Krugman: The media are a very important force in it. They shape perceptions, and they conceal issues. Look at the 2000 presidential campaign, for example, where the media were so heavily biased against Al Gore. That's what brought Bush to within a Supreme Court decision of the White House. So if you look at, certainly these last seven years, the role of the media in not telling you reasons why you should be skeptical about the course of the war, for example, it's enormously important.

We have a situation right now in which there are several major parts of the news media that are for all practical purposes part of "movement conservatism" -- Fox News, the New York Post, the Washington Times -- and in which other news organizations are intimidated, at least to some extent. I sometimes talk about what I call "asymmetrical intimidation." If you say a true but unflattering thing about Bush or in fact about any other prominent conservative, oh, boy! People are going to go after you. I mean, I've got people working full-time going after me, right? But if you say a false, unflattering thing about a Democrat or a progressive, no risk ... And that shapes coverage, no question about it. It's better now, but it's still very asymmetric. The other thing we should mention about the media is their addiction to the trivial. We've got the most substantive election coming up, I think, ever. We've got clear differences on policies between parties. And what are we seeing news stories about? John Edwards' hair and Hillary Clinton's laugh ... this is horrifying! And again -- it's asymmetric. I can think of lots of unflattering things to say about any of the Republican candidates -- Mitt Romney's saying his sons are serving the country by helping him get elected! -- but it doesn't get nearly as much play in the media.


Nice to see you round these parts!

For what it's worth, it wasn't CNN calling women "slutty". Carol Costello

Summary: Discussing young female voters' support for presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, CNN's Carol Costello asserted, "[I]f Hillary Clinton can persuade these young, single women to vote for her, many say she will win. And those who oppose Clinton know that. That's why they're calling these young women voters stupid." She added, "[T]he online magazine Jezebel dubbed them the elusive, slutty, anxious female, that's slutty in a political sense of course," a reference to a June 14 Jezebel item with the headline: "Barack Obama Lures Elusive Slutty Anxious Female Demographic."

To be fair - Costello was quoting Jezebel. And the other quotes from the segment came from the massive intelligentsia that includes Anne Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

Costello's report concludes with "woman on the street interviews" that nicely balance the "slutty, stupid" image.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Thanks, Kirk

Happy to see you out and about as well. I wonder if Art Pope is still happy to be on board as a Rudy Man?


fixed that slutty remark.
And, yup, good to be around again.
hope y'all vote like you mean it on Tuesday.

Already voted

And seriously meant it.