Sunday Morning Post

Good morning. Happy Mother's Day. The Onion offers you a twisted special issue.

Bit of flooding here in the Piedmont. Been a rough spring for the coast. Still is.

• Church and state mix it up
• Edwards ratchets up anti-war effort
• Offshore storm fans wildfires
• An illustrated map to Bush scandals

Round here:
N&O says Wake Co at a critical juncture -- this is the kind of story you see every now and again, but the fact that it's 1A on a Sunday and well-written is a clue there's something afoot. (Hey Matt). If it means Wake gets behind the transfer tax, that could be a big boost for its chances.
Big political story making the rounds is the indictment of one of Rep. Patrick McHenry's top organizers for felony voter fraud.
• Ted gets some feedback on anonymous comments
Ed talks turkey on the Triad
• Asheville Symphony does Moog tribute
• Ken Moore on Blackberry Winter


Kirk, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your posts

too often I get caught up in reading all the links you provide and forget to come back and comment. Just wanted you to know that. :-)

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

Me too.

I usually find that I've already seen about half of what you dig up . . . which is reassuring and all. But that other half, goodness. I don't know where you come up with all that stuff.

Plus I didn't know you were a weather junkie . . . then again, you're probably all sorts of kinds of junky.



Wish I had more time to blog it all. Trying to at least do Sundays.
A lot of odd stuff crosses my desk.
As for the weather junkdom -- you marry a farmer you get the fever.
The Cape Fear Mercury, my natural history/write what I want blog has gotten very weather centric -- 'specially during hurricane season
CFM main
CFM hurricanes


The map story link is fixed. Sorry.