A Suggestion for NC Democrats


Tar Heel Democrats are riding a high wave of emotion this morning as Democrats have picked-up seats in the state legislature, state senate, and are sending a Democratic majority to the United States Congress. The victory was hard-fought and a slight rest for the party politicos is well deserved.

Any political junkie will tell you that planning for the next cycle begins the day after the last cycle ended. This morning I began to think of 2008 in the Old North State and came up with an idea I feel needs consideration. In 2008 all state-wide offices will be up for election and first-term Senator Elizabeth Dole, suffering a major defeat last evening as RSCC chair, is up for re-election. Democrats face a situtation where two rising stars desperately want to occupy the Governor's Mansion (Treasurer Richard Moore and Lt. Gov Bev Purdue). This contest promises to be nasty and could divide the party.

My suggestion to state party chair Jerry Meek is to work like hell to get Purdue to run against Dole in the Senate race. Dole is vulnerable and the right person can defeat her. Bev Purdue is that person, she is popular, well groomed and would represent North Carolina well in Washington, while allowing Moore a clear path to the Governor's office. This would prove to be a win-win for the Democratic Party.


other shoe...

I personally am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I find it hard to believe NO ONE is interested in running against her. My pet tin-foil hypotheses are that either:
1. Easley doesn't want his run for Senate to disrupt his last long session, so he is going to wait. We don't know this, but he has quietly told others not to run, which explains the lack of candidates.
2. Hunt, who is NOT. THAT. OLD. comes out after 6 years off - it has only been six year y'all - and takes on Liddy Dole.

Neither of these guys is going to join the Progressive Caucus, but they win the race and put D's further in control.

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