Suburban (white) sheriffs welcome ICE with open arms

Protecting the upper-middle-class snowflakes:

Van Shaw, a Republican and career investigator elected last fall, keeps receiving thousands of dollars from Immigration and Customs Enforcement for his office to hold immigrant detainees in the Cabarrus County jail. And last year, he sent 83 inmates to ICE through 287(g), a long-held partnership that enables sheriff’s deputies to carry out immigration enforcement.

It’s a stark contrast from most of North Carolina’s biggest counties, where newly elected African-American sheriffs have loudly cut their ties with the federal agency. But Shaw is bucking the trend.

Of course he's "bucking the trend." It's Cabarrus County, which has (repeatedly) sent that embarrassingly bigoted moron Larry Pittman to the General Assembly. I was going to say I've only met a few people actually from Cabarrus County, but it might be more, because the ones I know for sure told me they lived "near Charlotte" a few times before the truth came out. I probably don't have any moral high-ground to continue Cabarrus-bashing (as fun as it might be), because I live in Alamance County. Anybody who follows immigrant issues knows why that is equally embarrassing, but being the total disclosure kind of guy that I am, here's just a taste:

We now have an all-Republican County Commission, who shortly after this diatribe agreed to give Terry Johnson millions in taxpayer dollars to expand his anti-immigrant operation, to include adding about a dozen deputies to focus solely on apprehending and incarcerating Latinos.

Back to Cabarrus County:

His willingness to work with ICE reflects a much broader trend: Nationally, the 287(g) program has moved away from cities like Charlotte and Raleigh and expanded its foothold in suburban counties like Cabarrus and Nash, where immigrants are a small fraction of the total population.

“A lot of conservative counties are taking it up to signal, ‘We’re conservative, and we still care about this issue,’” said Alex Nowrasteh, a senior immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute.

And why do they care about this issue? Because Donald Trump and Fox News tell them to care. The other (real) challenges they face in their counties, from opioid overdoses to environmental catastrophes, don't really register with these idiots, because they don't matter to Trump. It's as simple as that.