Stifling dissent: WUNC-TV set to cancel NC Spin

And once again, this behavior is usually associated with 3rd world dictatorships:

After almost 22 years on the air, the political debate show “NC Spin” will end on UNC-TV after its contract is up this year. Tom Campbell, the show’s founder and host, told The News & Observer this week that he learned of the decision in an email from UNC-TV’s interim director Kevin Fitzgerald last Friday.

Campbell thinks the show was essentially canceled because it had been critical of the UNC Board of Governors and its treatment of former UNC System presidents Tom Ross and Margaret Spellings, former UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor Carol Folt and former East Carolina University chancellor Cecil Staton.

While there may have been an occasional controversial statement made by guests on the show, Tom Campbell has managed (well) to keep it balanced and informative. The truth is, the UNC BOG has made many questionable decisions, and has operated in a plainly partisan fashion on more than one occasion. Talking about that isn't "out of line," it's something everybody involved with UNC should be doing, from students to professors to alumni, and all points in-between. And to get rid of Tom's show while keeping this one:

UNC-TV currently airs one other show that includes political commentary, “Front Row,” hosted by Mark Rotterman. Fitzgerald said that show is “also being looked at.” He also stated that the public TV network is in the process of looking at all shows, but that he could not comment on other shows at this time.

is somewhere between outrageous and "no big surprise." I have knocked Rotterman more than once here, usually in my Tuesday Twitter post, because he has demonstrated a severe lack of judgment and discretion by re-Tweeting conspiracy theories and Brietbart nonsense. But in the past two years, there's always been NC Spin alongside Front Row, with Tom giving Rotterman a good character example to follow. In the absence of that, who knows where Front Row will go in promoting right-wing ideology and candidates. And with Bob Luddy funding it, I have no doubt the influence will be there.

I suppose the obvious solution would be for WRAL to take NC Spin back into its programming. But that will be a major loss for WUNC-TV, something I hate to see.