Stem Cell Veto Overturn Fails in House

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The House voted today to overturn the Presidential veto on HR 810. The bill
requires 2/3 of the House to vote “YES” to move the bill back to the Senate for
their vote.

WaPo’s vote database has the details

. The vote was 235 for and 193 against. Five members of Congress failed
to vote.

Unfortunately, the majority of the NC delegation voted against the bill. Six
for (G.K. Butterfield, Howard Coble, Bob Etheridge, Brad Miller, David Price,
Melvin Watt) and seven against (Virginia Foxx, Robin Hayes, Walter Jones,
Patrick McHenry, Mike McIntyre, Sue Myrick, Charles Taylor).

It’s a sad, sad day.


What's with Coble?

I guess he must have a heart and a brain. So strange for a Republican.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute...

McIntyre is one of us, isn't he? And, he's not even facing an opponent is he?

WTF Dems! I hope the NC Delegation puts some serious pressure on him.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


He needs to be reminded quite often that he's a Democrat.

He votes Dem pretty well when it comes to economic issues from what I've seen. But on those hot-button social issues, there are definitely some religious wingers whispering in his ear.


McIntire is a DINO. He is probably the most conservative member of the Democratic delegation. He doesn't alway vote the way I would like, but at least he caucuses with the right party.