State Senator Dan Clodfelter appointed Charlotte Mayor

State Senator Dan Clodfelter has been appointed Charlotte mayor. He will have to resign from the NC Senate before being sworn in as mayor.

Now the jockeying begins for his replacement in the NC Senate. He was running unopposed in November's general election.

This story is developing.

Update: The final vote was 10 to 1 after a vote for James Mitchell, the former council member who challenged Cannon in the primary last year, failed. The lone holdout was LaWanna Mayfield. I don't think she was voting against Clodfelter as much as representing the wishes of the Mecklenburg LGBT community that had endorsed Mitchell. Mayfield is one of two openly gay members of council. Mitchell and Clodfelter are both strong allies to the gay community.


Who chooses his replacement?

And how will his replacement move forward? Will he/she be on the ballot in November's election? If so, doesn't that require some kind of waiver for not filing on time? Is this too many questions for one comment? If so, what metric (I really don't know what that means) will you use to decide which questions to answer and which questions will float off into oblivion?


When there's an NCGA vacancy, the local party of the person to be replaced chooses the replacement and recommends him/her to the governor. The governor traditionally approves the local party's nominee.

We wouldn't be totally surprised if DAG McCrony at least makes some noise about perhaps not upholding tradition, given the number of Democratic replacements pending. But that ends up being a no-win rat hole, so we aren't betting on it. But Pat is known for doing a lot of dumb things.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Just read a comment on Facebook

that stated a coalition of about 60 Democrats, most of them local, would be choosing/deciding his replacement. I can't find it now because Facebook seems to drop some posts from my newsfeed/timeline arbitrarily. And of course this includes the ones I want to go back and engage in. ;/ Frickin' Facebook...