State Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin Announces for Re-election to 3rd Term

State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin (D-Richmond) announced on November 8th her plans to seek re-election next year to the North Carolina General Assembly.

Goodwin’s district includes most of Montgomery County and all of Richmond County.

As she seeks a third term, the lawmaker said, “I have worked to improve education, enhance job growth, and promote families while in office. During the last three and a half years we have had many successes for District 66. One of them is removing Medicaid from our county budgets, thus saving millions of dollars a year for local property owners.”

She added, “I pledge that many more successes are in store down the road for Montgomery and Richmond Counties if the voters choose to re-elect me. You will continue receiving my undivided attention and also my commitment to prompt constituent service. I would be both humbled and honored to continue serving our wonderful community.”

Citing one of the secrets of her quick advancement in the legislature, she said, “It’s simple: My constituents drive my agenda, and not special interests.” Goodwin added, “On measures vital to the 66th House District, I’m not afraid to speak out. I never forget that I answer to you.”

Speaker of the House Joe Hackney of Chatham County praised Rep. Goodwin’s decision to run for a third term. “She is an excellent legislator, a legislator who brings remarkable experience to the General Assembly. Melanie is an attorney, mom, wife and career woman. We do not have a lot of youth in the legislature, but Rep. Goodwin has become a key spokesperson for young families and small businesspersons in rural North Carolina."

According to the Richmond County Daily Journal, "Hackney said the House needs members such as Goodwin who are younger and who know how to manage careers and family. ... She does it with style and gets her work done,” Hackney said. ...
“We need people who know what it's like to drop kids off at daycare,” Hackney said and asked Goodwin and husband Wayne, where daughter Madison was at during the reception. She was at ballet lessons. “Think of what she does to balance everything,” Hackney said.

He added, "Rep. Goodwin has also been a key legislator leading the way for campaign reforms and stronger ethics in government.”

(Hackney joins both Melanie and Wayne in the accompanying photo.)

Joining in the early festivities at the historic Hamlet Train Depot were Speaker Joe Hackney; Insurance Commissioner Jim Long; State Representatives Tricia Cotham, Pryor Gibson, Garland Pierce, and Doug Yongue; State Senators Walter Dalton, Bill Purcell and Janet Cowell; former State Senator Richard Conder; Congressional candidate Larry Kissell; Hampton Dellinger, former chief legal counsel for Gov. Easley; NC Democratic Party chairman Jerry Meek; countless other Statewide and regional candidates, local officials and supporters; and, of course, yours truly, the lesser half and immediate predecessor to Melanie in the legislature.

We were also especially pleased with the strong contingency of Cumberland County Democrats who carpooled together and attended both events. (Kudos to Roberta Waddle and Reva McNair for making the arrangements!)

Out of respect and dedicated support for her, Rep. Goodwin received a standing ovation before she even spoke at that evening's subsequent Morrison-Deane-Goodman Democratic Dinner & Rally. As shown by the accompanying photo, it both moved and surprised her.

Representative Goodwin is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Campbell University School of Law. She is married to Wayne Goodwin, former lawmaker for this area and the Assistant Insurance Commissioner. They have one daughter, Madison. The Goodwin family resides in Rockingham, where they are members of the First United Methodist Church.

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(See below for miscellaneous photos from the reception.)


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Insurance Commissioner Jim Long and State Rep. Tricia Cotham grin for the camera.

Janet Cowell, State Treasurer candidate and State Senator, discusses her campaign with Hamlet Mayor-elect Jeff Smart and Hamlet City Councilman-elect Tony Clewis.

Both of them running statewide in 2008, Lt. Governor candidate Walter Dalton greets Treasurer candidate Michael Weisel.

Rockingham Mayor Gene McLaurin joined Richmond County Clerk of Court Kathy Gainey and Chief District Court Judge Tanya Wallace at the reception.


Congratulations -

especially to Richmond and Montgomery Counties. They are well-served, and will continue to be, in the NC-House, when Melanie Wade Goodwin is reelected in 2008.

Thanks for posting this!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Thank you, Wayne

For bringing us this story (with pics!), for serving the people of this state and for supporting your wife in all she does for her constituents. (....and the rest of us too!)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Excellent news!

Your family is one of the rocks on which a better future will be built for North Carolina. Stay strong!

Thank you, A, from both me and Melanie

... we are very passionate about public service and progressive Democratic politics. I know Melanie especially appreciates your front-paging the news.

Go Melanie Go!

Best of luck to you in 2008!

I know MG, and Wayne, and think they are wonderful people. BUT,

I disagree with some of her "successes" at the General Assembly. Most notably improving education and job creation.

She said:

I have worked to improve education, enhance job growth, and promote families while in office.

I am sure she has worked to do these things, but two of the three have not been successful, especially in her District: improving education and enhancing job growth.

Improving education: Richmond County, along with the majority of Montgomery County, has one of the highest high school drop-out rates in the state. The county BOE (which MG is not a member of, granted), "has more than [its] share of the nattering nabobs of negativism" in that it the same people getting re-elected and doing nothing different. Educational change, even (dare-I-say-it?) progressive change, does not come slowly to that district; it does not come at all. Any close examination of Richmond County education will reveal that there is a fundamental breakdown in communication from the classroom to the BOE. And nothing is being done about it.

Enhancing job growth: Again, an examination of the county (Richmond) will reveal that this district has not benefited directly from her efforts. I say that based on the fact that Richmond County is second only to Scotland in unemployment. The second highest unemployment rate in the state, and she says she is enhancing job growth? Perhaps she ought to take the advice of the advice given to Bo Peep about her lost sheep: "leave it (job enhancement) alone and they'll (job creation) come home..."

Now, perhaps Rep. Goodwin is not referring to her district. However, I certainly hope that she is not touting education and job creation as a spin on her votes on the lottery and the Goodyear Incentives bill. I will leave that for you to decide.

Oh, and in case someone should ask my credentials to:

To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings.

(No, that last line was not a reference to anything GOP!) My credentials are this: I lived there, taught there, and my wife is from there. Her mother taught there for over 20 years, and we still have family there. I have seen and experienced firsthand the cronyism that controls Richmond County. It is a sad throw-back to pre-Civil Rights politics in many, many ways.

Absent facts and figures

I cant comment much.

But what exactly does a state legislator have to do with a local board of education? and, why do you act like she is at fault for voters reelecting the same people over and over again? If she was on the county commission, yeah I could see the connection, since the two are almost always closely related, but a state legislator is rarely involved in local school decisions, and thats probably the way it should be.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Your question, Blue South, illustrates precisely why I included

the statement about MG not being a member of the RCBOE. In one sense, the local BOE, the County Commissioners, and the state representatives have "nothing to do with" each other in that they are charged with different areas of oversight. However, in another sense, they are very much inter-connected. I work downtown Raleigh, and have seen many time what a County Commissioner or a member of a local BOE can get accomplished on the state level, and also what a state Representative (or Senator) can get accomplished at the "local" level. While separate, there is a lot of interaction between the members of local and state government.

Thank you for your second question:

why do you act like she is at fault for voters reelecting the same people over and over again?

I do want to be clear here: in no way do I hold Melanie, Wayne, or any other elected official responsible for the actions of the voters in placing them in office. I suppose a more appropriate course of action would be for me to write an open letter to the residents of Richmond County asking this very question.

However, that would prove problematic considering the incredibly high illiteracy rate. But, hey, MG is working hard (in Raleigh) to improve education (elsewhere in the state).


I didnt have enough local knowledge to respond to it with substance. But I see where you are coming from on the interaction. On the other hand, I would say that sometimes the interaction which you are looking for can be great, and sometimes it can create cronyism and machine politics.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Give Robin Hayes his due...

Melanie Goodwin has spent her tenure trying to undo the economic devastation of bad trade deals made at the federal level.

Some facts:

The number one employer in Richmond County now that Robin Hayes has sent the textile jobs overseas is the public school system. She fought for and won a salary increase for those employees.

The biggest growing area for new and future jobs for this formerly textile driven county is ecotourism and she fought for Pee Dee Yadkin water development to boost ecotourism successfully.

She brought together a coalition of folks to get a 700 million dollar investment by Progress Energy which will help pay for schools and create some much needed new jobs in the County.

She has SUCCESSFULLY co sponsored legislation that has provide tax credits for more than 300 new jobs over the last 4 years.

Robin Hayes is flooding the boat and has done his best it seems at times to sink the county which, in deed, has some of the highest unemployment numbers in the State, but Melanie Wade Goodwin is doing everything she can to bale it out. She is more than just nice--she is effective.

Rep. Goodwin, is that you?

(Pardon me if I am wrong about the author of the above statements.)

I couldn't agree more that Hayes and the bipartisan representatives have dealt N.C. a major blow in allowing the give-away known as "free trade". However, the Sandhills are not the only area of N.C. that are feeling the impact, yet for some reason they are lagging behind the rest of the state in making the necessary adjustments to rebound economically. (There is a lesson in all this about putting all our economic eggs in one basket...)

Okay, am I the only one here that believes that the government should not be the number one employer anywhere??? That is not praiseworthy, that is condemning. Especially when the results of their efforts place them at the bottom of the state in terms of literacy and at the top for drop-outs.

Eco-tourism- okay, I can can by that. I have fished the PeeDee several times, and have a lot of friends who still enjoy its beauty. However, eco-tourism cannot replace the economic impact created by the departure of the textile industry.

Again, we need to realize that we need a buffet of job creating options, not just look for one solution.

Its not

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

No, I live in Concord, but I'll take the compliment...

Agreed, it is a shame that the policies of the federal government, at the hands of Robin Hayes and the like, have made the school system the top employer in MANY of our rural counties.

I couldn't agree more, just wondering what you are doing to help? Next time you are in the mood to fish, visit the PeeDee again, I'm sure they will be pleased to have your tourism dollars.

In the mean time, those of us still down here fighting for the survival of our small towns and counties in the 8th district will continue to support good legislators like Melanie Wade Goodwin who are sticking it out with us.


Okay, am I the only one here that believes that the government should not be the number one employer anywhere??? That is not praiseworthy, that is condemning. Especially when the results of their efforts place them at the bottom of the state in terms of literacy and at the top for drop-outs.

She didn't say that it was praiseworthy- she said the school system was the largest employer as an example of how poorly the county was doing in the wake of the lost textile industry - an industry that was lost largely due to Hayes' vote on NAFTA.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

lcloud, you always have equal measure

of optimism and critical thinking in your posts. Thanks for getting my point and better yet, helping me make it more clearly.

Thank you!

I thought you made your point perfectly well, but I can't stop myself from adding my two cents anyhow. :)

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi