State of Marriage in the State

I had a disturbing day of bar prep today learning all about NC family law. It is amazing the people who we let marry in this state: 14 year olds (with judicial approval and pregnancy) and first cousins being the most egregious cases. There are even rules regarding double first cousins, who are first cousins on both sides--in other words, a brother and sister marry cousins who are also brothers and sisters the children of those nuptials cannot marry. I just wonder who was the test case that made this rule necessary.

And of course, despite allowing 14 year olds (and those who are not mature enough to not get pregnant at 14 at that) and first cousins to marry, the General Assembly caved to the Religious Right a few years ago and passed a Defense of Marriage Act to protect marriage from homosexual couples.

I have never been on the forefront of the gay marriage push, thinking instead that most inequities could be acheived more quickly through rights granted through civil unions, but now I figure that there is no way that the other allowed marriages could be defended while declaring same-sex marriage against public policy.


Banning All Marriages

Of course, some scholars have suggested banning all marriages as archaic and more trouble in administration than the benefits granted over long-term relationships in the modern setting.

And some 'not-scholars' too

I've long advocated that government should be completely out of the marriage business (leaving it to churches) and should instead focus on the purely contractual and legal aspects of such unions.


The Supreme Court of Georgia ruled yesterday (yesterday? I think yesterday) that a court challenge to GA's new constitutional amendment barring both same-sex marriages and civil unions has failed. (So the amendment is clear to go into effect.) It really seems to me that at the heart of DOMA and amendments like GA's is the ick factor. That is, the social taboo is still strong enough for most people that they want to make it law.

The usual argument—that letting gays marry somehow screws up marriage for the rest of us—is just crap on its face. I've never had a face-to-face conversation with anyone who really believes it; at least, I've never had a face-to-face conversation with anyone who can justify it. Next time I have such a conversation, I'll also bring up the 14-yr-olds.

Yeah its a ick factor.

Also I agree that government should somehow faze out marriages in all aspects of how it deals with its citizens. Marriage is an institution created by mainly religious doctrine to control its members affairs, both sexual and physical. Marriage by definition can be easily replaced by civil unions or "union" in government law.

We just need the right statesmen to step up and say that.

Serial. These "moral" issues are really taking up waay too much of the public debate when we have such heavier shit to worry about.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

I've always thought

that if I, as a legal of-age citizen, can go to my local government office and pay a fee to obtain a service (ie: a driver's license, a fishing license, a marriage license, etc) than every other legal of-age citizen should be able to do the same.

If my church has an issue with my fishing license, driver's license, marriage license, etc....they can work that out on their own.

Of course, I'm crazy like that.

well said