State Dem Ethics Smack Down

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Over at Orange Politics Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton has written an blog post titled, Ethics Moratorium Passes NC House. The jucy bit is Rep. Michael Decker admitting to bribery in Federal Court. Via Original news articles by the N&O.

Also of interest are the comments of Alderman Dan Coleman, "Even our own delegation, for all its vaunted liberalism, has been disappointingly silent."

I APPLAUD loudly both Carrboro officials for speaking up about this! Here is my favorite part from Mayor Chilton,

"The hide-our-heads-in-the-sand strategy adopted by Democrats has been both pathetic and counterproductive. Instead of ejecting Black from the Speaker's office and standing up for clean government, my own party has completely undermined the Democratic Party's national strategy and handed a tremendous campaign issue to North Carolina Republicans - and all this in a year that ought to be a slam dunk for Democrats at all levels (other than Black)."

This is how all our Democrats should write and speak publicly! With real guts for positive change! I know you are shocked this is comming from Carrboro. :)


Thanks, Brian.

It's about time our local government official called bullshit on the behavior of our representatives in Raleigh.

Most frustrating to me are Hackney's actions, or lack thereof. For someone who's supposed to be in a leadership position, it's hard to understand what he's been up to. Maybe he's been working behind the scenes, but if so, he hasn't produced any results.