The speech I didn't give in the NCDP Chair's race that didn't happen


I still trust Frank

Love it usual....outstanding job.

Silence is Betrayal


Friends often ask me why I am still registered "unaffiliated" after having left the Democratic party in the wake of the abominable education lottery. Each time I've reconsidered changing my decision, however, some equally discouraging event occurs, like this.

How many times do you think David Parker has posted or commented at BlueNC since he took over? The number would be approximately zero. No engagement whatsoever.

What does that say about his interest in progressive politics? What does that say about the Democratic party's future in online activism? In my outsiders view, it says that the Democratic party in North Carolina has a death wish.

Thank you Frank

Frank has managed to take what many Democrats are feeling and articulate it into words.

I was saddened when the whole fiasco became a witch hunt against our elected officials. Somehow they became the target which makes me bewildered and confused.

As Frank says in this video they are the reason we exist. We are a party in order to elect Democrats.

Chairman parker use to be a good man, now I see him as a spolier, putting himself above the needs of the party. Vanity and pride always lead to a downfall. Let's hope it is not at the expense of the Democratic candidates.