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I got a request to start a new blog for Graham County Dem Party. From time to time would you care if I picked up a tidbit and crossposted and also review it and offer opionin.
Can contact me at;



I don't mind if you quote extensively from what I write. Just linky back here or to my site. Just write in your name and say you have permission to quote extensively. You have a unique voice so make sure it's heard. I've noticed even the "pro" bloggers will have many posts that are simply a few lines with a link to a newspaper article. Throw in plenty of those to link your audience to what is important in the news.

Funny, I was looking at the Mecklenburg Co. web site tonight. Look at the diff. county sites to see if they have blogs. The most important thing with blogs is the links back to the original post.

Oh you can always steal the action plans totally and completely, but link back here to BlueNC so your readers can use the Take action feature. When I can remember, I'll email the html for the post so you an copy and paste.

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Although keep in mind that shorter is nearly always better. I find it hard to believe, but the evidence is that most people don't click, and most people don't scroll. Good luck, and I will definitely stop by. Give us the link when it's up!

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I'm in.

And ditto, ditto.

Not a problem

I do not have much time to add visiting the site to my internet routine, especially with finals coming up. But other than that, I echo the other sentiments.

When you have it up, give out the link and we can put in our blogroll and I can add it to my rss reader.