South Carolina is not our competition.

A personal financial website called NerdWallet has named Raleigh as the Number 8 best city for female entrepreneurs. It seems that others have taken notice of the fact that the number of businesses here is growing and that a large number of them are run by women. Isn't that great! Some of their criteria involved having a thriving economy. The level of education is important and seems to co-orelate to having an entrepreneurial spirit. Raleigh was 8th, and the other cities, from 1 on to 10 are: San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Portland OR, Atlanta, Austin, (Raleigh at 8), Denver at 9, and San Diego at 10.

The article includes the comment:

Raleigh-and often the Triangle-rank high on a lot of lists for businesses, from quality of life to regulatory environment to cost of living to high-tech, and more.

So, tell me again why we need to compete with South Carolina?


Please note that the

Please note that the national Raleigh(RTP)reputation is built on years of good governance of a Democratic legislature and executive branch. Now lets see how quickly the GOP can dismantle and slaughter the fatted calf.