Sometimes You Have To Laugh...

Because it is better than crying. Every once in a while, I read something about North Carolina that is just too insane to explain. Like this from the News-Record:

A High Point company plans to make a feature film about a grandfather's 40-plus year obsession with Bigfoot.

The man's family discovered his fascination with the hairy creature -- aka Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch and Yeti -- only after the man died.

The movie will be called "Bigfoot: A Family Adventure."

It will be based on actual events, but will also include accounts and images from others willing to share their Bigfoot experiences.

Your role? The producers, Kleeberg Entertainment, will pay $1,000 for footage of Bigfoot or a re-creation of a Bigfoot encounter, $500 for a photo of Bigfoot, $250 for a video taped testimonial and $100 for a written story or drawing of Bigfoot.

Sometimes I think that the rest of the country views us in North Carolina as a bunch of hillbillies. Sometimes I cannot argue.


Redneck Bigfoot makes the Box Office

Don't worry! The opening big scene will have Big Foot in his 84 ford pick up with the Gun rack fully shown with a M-16 scope rifle and a can of Bud lite on the dashboard waiting on a good ole boy hunter to cross the red clay dirt road with Big foot chewing on a Beech Nut's tobacco spud. No doubt this scene will make the Cannes' film fest award!