Some Thoughts on Heath

It seems clear to most of the folks paying attention realize that 8 and 11 are the two races to watch closely. I myself have been paying a lot more attention to Shuler's bid in the 11th, (it's my district) but lately Kissell has really caught my attention. If I may, I'd like to point out some of the different ways that Kissell is, so far, running a better campaign.

First of all, while his website is not that pretty, Larry's is full of information. He has a dozen or so policy-type papers, merchandice, and- my favorite part- the Featured Volunteers page. This is great stuff. Heath's site, on the other had, has a nice look, but hardly any substance. He does not offer one concrete idea, nor does he mention his party affiliation.

This, I suppose, is telling. The whole campaign, not just the website, has been thus far one dimensional. He is a good public figure with a warm personality, and I have no doubt that he is electable. Perhaps, given the times, being a generic Democrat running agaist Taylor will be enough. If it is, lucky us, but if not, then Heath Shuler needs to make it happen.

What Shuler needs to do, in my opinion, is establish connections through out the district. He needs to ask the important folks around here what they want- fire chiefs, sheriffs, local politicians, community organizers, Democrats and Republicans- and he needs to let them know whether or not he can give it to them. He needs to be a public pressence, which is not to say that he has to be in your face or obnoxious. Most importantly, he needs to start fleshing out a platform. He needs to take a stand on some issues. While he can look back at Taylor dropping the ball on CAFTA, this Forest Service bit might be a good place to start. He needs to say something, so that people can know who he really is.

The fact is, he has been getting great press. He is the type of candidate who will be able to win here, and it is encouraging to see that he is willing to work. He has yet to demonstrate how well he can adapt, but he has shown good signs. For one thing, he seems to be reaching out to the netroots. On his website there is a seemingly strange "Blogger Connection" page. Good start. At least he is looking in the right places and asking for involvement.

This will be a huge race to watch, and a great win come November. I just hope that the old QB doesn't have any qualms about looking through a teammate's play-book, and that everyone who has got a hand to lend finds the time to do so.

By the way, I've been reading over this site for some time and am looking forward to becoming more active. It's good to be here.


Glad to see you here!

I signed us up at the "Blogger Connection" page. I'll keep everyone posted about what that means (I'm not sure yet, either).

I sent his campaign an email volunteering

to help write papers and content for his site. I also sent him money. This was last week. Haven't heard anything . . . but I'll keep you posted.

If anyone knows anyone on his campaign, give him a kick in the pants for me! I'm still ready to help . . .

This reminds me of the recent DKos diary

It was about a Democrat that wanted to see how different the local Democratic and Republican parties responded. He signed up and started receiving responses from Republicans right away, including emails and maybe phone calls, but I can't remember. Making contact with the Democrats required calls after calls after calls.

You would think that someone who gave money and volunteered to write papers and content, and who is a professional in that arena, would get an almost instant response.

Go, Democrats.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I read that one, too...

and it's a shame that it is true. The moral of his story though, was that by getting involved now, we will the next generation of Democrats- 2012, 2016...- and we will then be calling the shots.


I contributed to Heath Shuler's campaign two weeks ago, and yesterday got a letter signed by Shuler himself. But, yeah, I definitely agree that his web-site could use more substance, his "Issues" section still leads to a page that says "Coming Soon."
Even so, Charles Taylor has made a political career out of ducking the issues. ANd I think Heath does have a real shot.

Do they not read the internet?

Heck, hire one of us for about $20/hour and we could update their website by the end of the day. Better yet, take advantage of Anglico's offer to write position papers and our goodwill to post them to his website. Hire a local kid to reply to every email the same day with a Thank You and some basic information about where to donate, how to volunteer, etc. Same with snail mail and phone calls.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.