Solve the mystery: Who will be arrested by Monday evening?

Paul Manafort
39% (28 votes)
Micheal Flynn
24% (17 votes)
Donald Trump Jr.
7% (5 votes)
Jared Kushner
15% (11 votes)
Smaller fish
14% (10 votes)
Total votes: 71


I want ALL of the ABOVE

Can I have ALL of the ABOVE? Please!

If you have not seen this, have a look!
Very entertaining.

I thought about making that an option,

but I kinda wanted to gauge how readers had been processing information, and recalling some of the clues that have presented themselves over the last several months.

Like the fact the FBI executed an early-morning search warrant at Paul Manafort's townhouse, which would not have been authorized by a judge unless there was some substantial (if circumstantial) evidence at hand already. That happened just over three months ago, so he's ripe for an indictment.

The other three (especially Flynn) are also very likely guilty of at least obstruction of justice, and you can throw Jeff Sessions' ass and a few others into that category, but I believe Manafort is toast.


In that list, Manafort seems most exposed (based on my reading) but they all seem guilty.
Always remember: Manafort lied to get tRump to pick Pence. So, here's hoping that anything bad on Manafort can be smeared onto Pence.

I closed the poll

to preserve the accuracy of our specalatin', which seems to be pretty solid.

Yeah...when I heard Gates

I wasn't thinking that Gates

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

People are mixing the two up all over

When I first posted a diary a few days ago, I called him "Roger" Gates, which I guess was my brain scrambling "Richard" and "Robert."

But who knows, the former SecDef might end up being somehow involved in this crap before it's over with.