So what do you want from a candidate?

The more I read the funnier it gets. It amazes me how we want to suppress ordinary people with a passion for "career politicians".

Now I admit, I only know a little about Mr. Morgan. And what I do know is not necessarily about his politics, but from what I have seen and heard he has as much going for him as these other guys. In fact probably more. Heck, Heath Shuler does not even know what party he belongs to. First Republican, then democrat. He just latches on to one because he thinks he can win the primary. Now that's Conviction and Integrity for you!


It's a dilemma these days

to know who stands for what and who's a con artist. North Carolina has plenty of Democrats I just wish would go away . . .

That said, I'll take a crooked Democrat over a crooked Republican any day. Especially in Congress where they play with live ammunition . . . and where being a sleazebag gets honest people killed in unnecessary wars.

wait till elected to get a criminal record

Who is Michael Morgan -

Go to his website, and maybe smoke some pot as he advocates for, and
then you will think you are reading the Onion or National Lampoon,
I kid you not.

This guy is whacked up -

Shuler’s Primary Opponent: Michael Morgan

Apparently, he is running for Congress because he got pulled over by the cops after eating some BBQ (read the story). He once served a stretch in federal prison for voluntary manslaughter. However, it appears his main ideology is to represent “the huge disenfranchised segment of our society who, like me, doesn’t think it is criminal to smoke pot.” He apparently feels that one of the reasons that people don’t vote is because no one is standing up for their right to toke up.

So, in summary, he’s pro-pot, pro-choice, anti-gun control, and shot David Anthony "Fat Man" Harvey to death in the Pisgah National Forest because Harvey was macking on his girlfriend.

He recommends the old west style of justice:

"Natural law dictates that criminals and the mentally unstable must be removed from a healthy society just like you would remove a cancerous tumor to keep it from destroying the whole body. If everybody started carrying a gun again and using it immediately when needed, there would be a rash of killings for about 6 months (possibly less.) By then the incorrigibles and the unable-to-learn would be eliminated and would no longer be a problem. It is simply impossible to successfully rob a convenience store if everybody in the store, at the gas pump, in the parking lot and on the street has a gun, too, and is willing to use it. Our society has abdicated our natural right to self-defense in favor of an unrealistic expectation of protection and justice from a corrupt, inefficient and inept police and (in)justice system. "

Ironically, this brand of justice would mean that Michael Morgan would not be around today to be a nuisance candidate.