So much for civility

Last week President Bush asked that we all lower our voices in the immigration debate:

"When we discuss this debate, it must be done in a civil way. It must be done in a way that brings dignity to the process. It must be done in a way that does not pit people against each other."

While that is a great idea, out here in America it's a different story. Just take this radio ad for Vernon Robinson, for instance. Or even this TV spot, as highlighted by Reid Fan, CaptainAhab, and Keith Olbermann.

I'm Rep. Brad Miller's campaign manager (you may have seen some of the Congressman's diaries), and we're preparing for what looks to be a general election race against the less-than-civil Vernon Robinson mentioned above (he has a primary first). Vernon switched from running against Rep. Mel Watt at the behest of the GOP to challenge Brad...the same GOP whose leader is calling for a civil, dignified discussion on immigration.

Despite Vernon Robinson's lack of civility, as apparent by his radio spot, we still have to take him seriously. Why? Well, for one, he raised $2.97 million for the 2004 elections (he ended up losing in a primary runoff due to burning too many bridges). And he did it from people all over the country whose views on immigration - and every other right wing agenda item - are far from civil.

While Brad is doing what he can to address the issues at hand, such as the censoring of scientists by the current administration, he has tasked me with jumpstarting his campaign. That is what campaign managers do. That means finding folks like you and getting them to join our email update list, to volunteer, and of course, to contribute to the effort.

Right now our focus is getting folks to sign up to our email update list. Brad loves to blog, but as we move forward you are more likely to hear from him via email (I have a feeling Vernon is going to keep us busy). So check out the website, sign up for the email updates, and help me make sure civility and dignity don't go out the window in November.


Welcome. And thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Being as I'm pretty much fed up with the whole lying' bunch of crooks across the aisle from Brad . . . okay, not all of 'em are crooks . . . I can't promise much in the way of civility myself. But I'll help in anyway I can and I'll try to behave.

I'd be especially happy to help the community understand what a jerk Vern is, but he seems to be doing a fine job of that all by his lonesome.

Sometimes it is so hard

In the face of all that the current administration has done, it is so hard to practice civilty, I know.

As for your offer to alert the community, do that. Email all of your friends, family, neighbors and let them know about Vernon. But do me a favor: let them know about Brad. Lead them to the website,, have them sign up for our email alerts and updates, give them some hope in the face of despair - which, with the ways things seem to be going, is easy to come by.

PJ Puryear
Campaign Manager
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign
(919) 834-2343

PJ Puryear
Brad Miller Congressional Campaign
(919) 834-2343

Just signed up

For the e-mails. I will be signing up to volunteer over the summer.

"whiskey... tango... foxtrot..."?????

nice touch with the leave it to beaver clip at the end.

you know, i've got a copy of vegas and vcd copies of birth of a nation and triumph of the will (don't ask) - it wouldn't be hard to slap together an amateurish counter-ad...

Are you a sailor?

I haven't heard Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in ages . . . since I was back at the Naval Academy!


I just listened to an English man and German woman saying nothing I could understand . . .

. . . spooky.

Via Chicago?

I mean, Wilco?

Vermin Robinson - take this threat seriously

About Vernon Robinson's campaign video about immigrants:

"OLBERMANN: I‘m putting $5 down on the idea that might just be a spoof. We‘ll find out."

It isn't a spoof.

Robinson appeals to the hate in people. He purports to be the
Black Jesse Helms. He has the support of the freepers at - the highly sensored message board for neo cons. Dissenters' IPs are blocked.

Vermin beat Virginia Foxx in the primary for the 5th congressional district in 2004.
Due to the closeness of the election results, there was a runoff,
and during the period before the runoff, Vermin savaged Virginia Foxx.

He ran a TV commercial showing Virginia Foxx and Hilary Clinton on a split screen, saying they were alike.

This made the white conservatives mad, "how dare you insult a white woman, Vermin - you are supposed to know your place" kind of thing, and Foxx beat him.

Without the runoff, we would be doomed to a black "white supremacist" as congressman for the 5th district.

He worked for the Bush admin in some part in the past.
Don't recall what.

Scary man, I can see fascism blossoming under his reign.

Vermin Robinson

I keep trying to come up with something intelligent to say, but all I can do is laugh at Vermin.....this is the funniest nick I've read in a while.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.