So easy, even a Republican can do it!

Increasing teacher pay
+ Gang prevention grants
+ Prescription drugs assistance for seniors
= a good state budget.

That's the kind of math Republicans ought to be able to understand. Not only did they get it, but they voted overwhelmingly for it. Now Republicans are bad-mouthing the same budget they voted for in the North Carolina Conservative. But that kind of subtraction just leaves voters confused. Are they for it or against it? It doesn't matter. With a budget that improves education, assists military families, and makes our communities safer, the decision is easy. In fact, it's so easy, even a Republican can do it.


From where I sit

this budget pretty much sucks and deserves to be vetoed.

Illegal debt commitments
Short-changing public schools and community colleges
Giving tax breaks to the wealthy

I don't like the fact

that they didn't make the temporary tax cuts permanent. But there are a few things in the Senate Budget that are actually better than the House. For instance, it allows for Market Rate increases for child care subsidy payments, as well as an increase in the amount allocated for subsidies. Most counties are running a 4 to 6 month waiting list for families who need child care subsidies in order to go to work, and the Market Rate needs to be increased. (That's the rate that the state will pay child care facilities.) The House budget includes the same amount of money, but does not give the rate increases to child care providers. However, the legislature mandated higher quality standards (as they should have) to be in effect by Jan 1 2008.

In that particular instance, I like the Senate budget better than the House.

Yeah, I agree with A.

This budget sucks.

One man with courage makes a majority.
- Andrew Jackson

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.