Snarkalicious Saturday

Here are a few posts from this past week that I found out and about on the blogosphere. Most of them are snark-filled treats and all are worth a read.

James Wolcott on the raging right's NYT protest - Thousands Fail to turn out for protest!

If you've ever doubted W's intelligence or his worldliness, Digby will set you straight.

A few more below the fold...

If you have never read Thesaurus Rex, you will find him late nights at FireDogLake or find him any time at Incomprehensible Demoralization

On a more somber note, I went to Jesus's General to find something funny and he has run a series of pictures from Israel/Gaza/Palestine (they aren't identified) that, as one commenter put it, are "soul-breaking". I'm still going to post funnies, because when faced with all the horror going on in the world we need to laugh, if only on Saturday mornings.


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