Signs of the times

Jane and I are doing all we can to encourage people to register and vote. We're part of a team that printed 600 yard signs and got them placed in southern Orange County. Days after they were put up, one volunteer saw a guy wearing American flag shorts taking the signs down and hauling them away. The next day another volunteer saw him again and asked him to stop. He threatened to run over her with his vehicle.

Police were called and they recovered 16 of the signs, many more had already been dumped at the landfill. The man was apparently completely unrepentant.

We're considering filing charges for the removal of the signs, the second volunteer is also considering filing charges for the threatening. We're looking into things and will decided later today how to proceed. My thinking is that we should proceed with the charges. Maybe the guy has some kind of mental health problem, or maybe he's just an asshole. Either way, it seems like the judicial system is the right place to deal with things. Any advice would be welcome.



You should probably file charges

It may be a mental health thing, but it could also be some Freedomworks bullshit. They've been hiring people to show up at polling places for several years now, I've ran into them several times. Even at precincts out in the middle of nowhere.

Grabbing the signs is bad enough, but threatening volunteers is (way) over the line. He will do it again if he isn't held accountable.

Charges forthcoming

Many people agree with Steve, so we have decided to press forward with charges. Will keep you posted.

The officer we're in contact with at the Chapel Hill Police Department has been exceptional.