Sign the petition to censure Rep. Larry Pittman!

North Carolina Republican Larry Pittman is in the news yet again after his public Facebook screen (pictured here) made national headlines. He called Black Lives Matter “vermin” and “terrorists” financed by George Soros (of course) and advocated that police officers murder them.

Pittman — who also happens to be a Christian pastor — has a long history of advocating bizarre and frequently violent acts. He has called for the murder of abortion doctors. He has proposed that North Carolina secede from the United States. (He happens to be the second-largest recipient of PAC funds from the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans.) That barely scratches the surface of his crazy.

But this time, he has gone too far. It’s time to draw the line. The North Carolina Republican Party must publicly disavow his advocacy of literal racist murder — or clarify that they still stand with him.

Sign our petition to House Speaker Tim Moore to censure Larry Pittman for his reprehensible remarks!