Sierra Club Endorses Cal Cunningham

...And here's what Sierra Club National Political Chair Ken Brame said about it this morning:

“Cal has a strong record on environmental issues and is committed to finding a comprehensive energy solution that will allow us to rebuild America,” Brame said. “A healthy environment and a strong economy go hand in hand, and Cal will work to ensure we move our country forward by creating clean jobs that will grow and support our economy.”

Cal mentioned Jim Tarleton in last night's debate. Jim is a former Texas oilman/uranium miner who now works in renewable energy here in North Carolina. Jim's story goes a long way in explaining how Cal sees green energy jobs, and how he'll go about communicating the future of the domestic energy industry to his colleagues in the Senate.

Cal's Clean Energy Growth Plan includes:

- Establishing tax-advantaged Clean Energy Business Zones to concentrate job growth.

- Incentives to spur residential and commercial energy efficiency measures that will create jobs by putting home and business contractors back to work.

- Providing incentives for bio-diesel and other next generation fuels that can create new jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

- Making innovation in the next generation of clean energy technologies a priority to build a stronger hi-tech energy industry and employ highly skilled American workers.


Congrats to Cal

I imagine this was a tough pick for Sierra, with more than one good choice available, but they've concluded their top priority in this contest is getting rid of Burr.

Dan Besse


This needs to be made into a poster or maybe even one of those cross-stitched wall-hangings:

The things and people we care about can't always take care of themselves; but, if we act for them, we can make a difference.