Shuler's Vow to Clean Up Congress

Heath Shuler is using Charles Taylor's refusal to return Abramoff funds as a reason that he should replace Taylor as the 11th district Congressman, and getting good local press in the process. Here is a glowing piece, which apparently is on the front page, from the Smoky Mountain Sentinel. From the piece:

Shuler also called into question Rep. Charles Taylor’s refusal to return contributions made to his campaign from felon Jack Abramoff. All but a handful of members of Congress have returned or donated Abramoff’s contributions. “If Mr. Taylor is not willing to return dirty contributions like the ones he took from Jack Abramoff, how can we expect him to be fully committed to changing the way Congress conducts its business?” Shuler asked. “Charles Taylor has a track record of supporting unethical lobbying practices, and lacks the motivation to clean up a system that has been so generous to him. It’s like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse.”

For those of you wanting a Democrat with "balls", we have one here.

And Shuler is imposing limits on himself that are even stricter than those called for in recent proposed bills:

Shuler also pledged that when elected, the following rules will be in place in his office:
1. Ban Gifts from Lobbyists: Neither my staff nor I will ever accept any gift from a federal lobbyist.

2. Eliminate Conflict of Interest: I will increase the “waiting period” to lobby me or any member of my staff for any former staff member or member of Congress.

3. Fully Disclose all Lobbyist Meetings: Any meeting taken by me or my staff with a federal lobbyist will be made public via my website.

4. Fully Enforce the Rules: Any member of my staff who violates these rules will be dismissed immediately.


I got a call from Mr. Shuler today

but was tied up with business meetings. We'll connect though, and if he proves to be the kind of progressive leader we want in North Carolina, I'll do everything I can to help him take down Charles the Sleazebag Taylor.

...and then there were two

If we can take down Taylor AND Hayes - I would be happy with that. 8-5 Democratic lead and 1/8th of the way towards control of the House.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I wish we could find just one more....

seat to take. I'm afraid Myrick and McHenry don't have strong challengers yet.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You're right.

With the national "Fight for Every Seat" strategy in full-swing, we seem to be coming up short. Still no one to take on Foxx, probably because it is a hard seat and she has a huge warchest. Which will be spent against Shuler and others if we don't have someone take her on and make her spend it at home. I would rather see $500K spent in her district than in NC-11.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm still researching it....

but most of our Reps took money from Roy Blount's leadership pac. He gets linked closely to DeLay we might have some folks we can paint with the DeLay, Abramoff AND Blount brushes. I'm still researching FEC filings and I'll let you all know what I find. It's boring.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


You get to have all the fun . . .


PS Thanks.

I know you're jealous.

I also know it's Roy Blunt, not Blount. I just flunked that assignment. I thought I would let you guys know that I have met some great folks from NC at Firedoglake. Reddhedd is going to feature candidates for us. She is a wonderful writer and will do a great job. I mentioned this site, so I hope KevinL, Pseudonymous NC(?) and Cornfed will stop by. The last two I think are in Taylor's district and KevinL says he's going to be working for Dunn. I don't know how to contact them outside of FDL, but hopefully they'll stop by and bring information about their districts.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Shuler v Taylor

Being as I grew up in WNC (little town called Robbinsville), I know well what Taylor has done for "his" district, goose egg. And my Dad tells me every chance he gets, can't stand his guts. The point I want to talk about is one of Shuler's "staffers", who happens to be the sort that could possibly "distress" his campaign, if not outright cause him to lose. If anyone here has a DCCC contact (or state person) I'd appreciate it.


If you haven't signed up to volunteer yet, go to the Shuler site. It's time to get the foundation built, and every able bodied red blooded yellow dog Democrat can help.