Shuler for Senate 2010?

From up Asheville way, the Scrutiny Hooligans are already predicting that loyal Blue Dog Dem and WNC favorite, Heath Shuler, will be the challenger to Richard Burr for the open Senate seat in 2010.

Although not the favorite of most Progressives in North Carolina, Heath is widely acknowledge for having heavily fortified coffers and, if Gordon is to be believed, none other than former President Bill Clinton will be hosting a fundraiser for Heath in Raleigh a week from Monday (after the President Clinton delivers an address at N.C. State). Roy Cooper and Richard Moore, justifiably, have been getting most of the attention from early internet speculation concerning the race, but should they be worried about Shuler as a formidable candidate?

Financial strength aside, Shuler's more conservative views on most social issues play well to Dems in both the Western and Eastern parts of the state. Obviously, he can't win an outright Senate seat without some substantial margins in the metro areas, but having the ability to negate a lot of Burr's potential gains in the more rural areas could give him a strategic advantage. And, assuming that 2010 will not be all sunshine and roses in the NC business sector, Shuler will have to formulate a strong economic growth platform, insisten on helping those suffering with job loss and/or seeing their companies ship jobs overseas. It should be interesting to watch how he votes on both the immediate and future spending bills in Congress. He maintains a very fiscally conservative streak, but if his votes are percieved as not helping middle class workers in North Carolina, that could create some ammunition in the Democratic primaries, especially against Cooper, who can wait for several months and formulate his policies, adjusting them to the economic impact right here at home.

Regardless, Shuler has the name, money and base to make a strong charge for both the Dem nomination and Burr's seat. Can Shuler loosen his conservative stances and appeal to some the progressives that dot the Mecklenberg and Wake county metro areas? It will be a telling sign of just how "blue" NC has become when, presumably, Shuler, Cooper and Moore start campaigning.


I don't have a problem with Heath, necessarily

but Roy Cooper will eat his lunch in a statewide race. WNC needs Heath. Few Democrats can win and hold that seat. It would be a shame to see it fall back into Republican hands.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Oh....and congrats on your first diary

I fp'd b/c this race will top the ticket in 2010. We might as well get started on it now.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Not crazy about this idea

Shuler's the only Dem in a very long time to hold that congressional seat. Do we really want to risk losing it? Especially in a mid-term election, which is usually not a good one for the party in charge (ie, us)? I haven't heard of any other Dems in that district that are popular enough to defend it against a tidal wave of Republican money should that occur.

At least with Cooper, we risk nothing...his AG term isn't over till 2012.


I am in the same boat as both of you. Cooper has much better state-wide recognition. But, the next two years up in DC could likely be the most visible and substantial, from an ordinary voters perspective, we have seen in years. If Heath truly wants to run statewide, he will have his chance to get his name out.

I still think Cooper has a strong advantage, but as we say with Kay, no candidate is too unlikely. And I do think the axiom holds true - he might be better at winning the state-wide race, rather than the primary. But a strong, justice minded lib like Cooper could be riding a great Democratic wave in 2010 and Heath would have very little chance.

This will be an interesting thread to follow throughout the next several months.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Hold that House seat

Shuler is an excellent conservationist in a district that needs one, but which was represented for years by a wholly-owned subsidiary of the unenlightened elements within the timber and land-development industries. We can't afford to lose Shuler to a statewide race in which he would be a secondary candidate. Cooper for Senate, Shuler for 11th District House in 2010.

Dan Besse

Agreed - Keep Shuler in the House

Shuler is relatively young and could hold that House seat for a long time - building up seniority and real power for western NC.


Can Shuler run in two primaries?

Is that only Presidential candidates who can also run for their same seat, or could he run in the primaries for his Congressional seat and the Senate seat. Not saying he should, maybe it sends the wrong message, but just wondering.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


I think John Snow might be a good Congressional candidate for NC-11. He's got deep roots and is conservative enough to pull it off.

As to whether Shuler can get his reputation established statewide - that's the work he'll have to do over the next year. He's just been name a Blue Dog Whip, so he'll be getting more connections, more power, and more press.

He didn't spend any money to pummel his hapless opponent this past November, so he's got over a million in the bank already. After Clinton's visit, look for that number to nearly double. That's a nice foundation on which to build Senate sized fundraising.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

I'm really looking forward to the race.

We've got a lot of good candidates to choose from in the Primary. Schuler wouldn't be my first choice -- but he'd be good. I'd have the same concern about losing a Dem seat in Congress. At least we know about it now, and if Schuler is serious about running, the Dems in that district can groom another candidate.


I canvassed for Shuler with the Young Democrats in Marion and in Asheville in 2006. I'm happy to have him in the House. However, as much as I like Shuler personally, I am concerned that he is not pro-choice. In his House seat, that is offset by his strong leadership in some other areas. As a U.S. Senator, though, he would be in position to vote on U.S. Supreme Court and other judicial nominees whose support for Constitutional privacy rights is absolutely critical. Unless I could be convinced that I have misread his stance on this key matter, I would not support him in a Democratic primary for U.S. Senator.

Dan Besse

Which is the exact reason

he couldn't win a contested party primary. I share your sentiments entirely.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I won't support someone for the Senate who is not pro-choice. I'm not entranced with his "Blue Dog" membership either...but it's better than having the Republican nutcase that preceeded him.

Stan Bozarth


Shuler came to my high school and spoke. He did a thing where he listed a quality of the people of our school for each letter in the school's name (McCallie) ... "'M' is for 'mature'", "'C' is for 'Courage'", yada, yada.

The only problem is, he misspelled the name of the school. It was awkward.


A Dan Quayle moment for sure.

My thoughts on Shuler

Complex. He doesn't have positions that match mine on a lot of issues, but then again I didn't think Kay Hagan did either and i've come to like her and I sure as heck prefer having her in D.C. this week to Liddy Dole. BTW, is it true that Liddy would not meet with Kay in D.C.? Low class Liddy.

If Shuler runs with a big war chest I will probably be loathe to see someone else run against him. We saw what happened in the Gubernatorial race and I would hate to see that happen to Cooper and Shuler (for instance).

What happens is Cooper runs in 2010 and wins, he has to step down as AG, correct? Would we see Moore go back to the AG office and prepare for a 2016 run at the mansion?

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

So far as I can tell

No one associated with Heath Shuler owns this site. Shuler's site is AS for Heath running for the Senate he has made no secret that he wants to and I think he could beat Sen. Burr, and he would be an excellent Senator. Senate seats do not open very often and he may feel he may not have a chance for some time. However, he is young and he will be will not be 50 until 2022. Time will tell but what is takes to go a long way in this business.

Liberty Concepts

They are a company that do campaign websites. They have done Heath's since 2006 and Bev's in 2008.