Should Orange County approve massive Buc-ee's gas station in Efland?


Here's some context...

Straight outta Texas:

An unassuming piece of undeveloped land in Orange County is likely one of the most discussed development proposals in the region right now. Developers are dreaming of putting the biggest gas station in the state as an anchor to a development called Efland Station, right off I-40 and 85.

The Texas-based company called Buc-ee's already boasts some of the largest gas stations in the world, but people in North Carolina aren't used to seeing 60 double-sized pumps, or a gas station comparable to a Wal-Mart in size and in product offerings.

Ann Roberts, whose old home backs up to where the cows roam, wants to keep it simple – to keep it country. "I think it's too big of a development," said Roberts. She agrees the location is convenient because it's right off the highway, but she's concerned the small community can't support such a large and bustling development.


Orange County keeps shooting itself in the food on properly and sales tax revenue. Plus it’s my understanding that local residents want this as an employment hub.

But what kind of employment?

Seems to me that all this behemoth will offer is minimum wage, no benefit jobs. That's hardly an argument for it as an economic development engine. And it's not like there aren't other gas stations close enough along the I-40 and I-85 corridors that they're filling some void in the interstate system. So I'm not sure who it's really going to benefit other than the large corporation that will own it (and also take it's profits out of the local community.)