Should NC Get Wise?

I posted "The Uninsured Line Up For Care In Rural Virginia" today on Huffington Post about the Remote Area Medical health care expedition I attended Saturday in Wise, VA.

An attorney I met from Eden, NC has a copy the TN Volunteer Health Care Services Act (TN Code Title 63, Chapter 6 )that grants a waiver for out-of-state physicians to practice medicine in Tennessee for charitable purposes like this.

We believe NC should pass a similar statute here. His letter should be on its way to Gov. Bev Perdue. Remote Area Medical will be in her home town of Grundy, VA in October.

Seems ridiculous that Bev's relations can get a visit from RAM, but not the state she runs. 23% uninsured out here in NC-11, I think? And many remote counties with no hospitals? And the jobless rate is what statewide? According to NPR, "The organizers paid about $250,000 out of pocket to run the event, and they provided an estimated $1.5 million worth of care." The waiver shouldn't cost the NC taxpayers a nickel. Seems like a no-brainer in a crushing recession, don't you think?


Does seem like a no brainer

so the odds of NC taking swift action are somewhere in the zero percent range. Or maybe my cynicism will be proven unjustifiable!

That would be sweet.

I listened to an NPR broadcast yesterday describing

this event in great detail. NPR's focus, at least during what I heard, was on the dental care provided and the severity of the problems of the people treated. One lady had a root canal, crown, and three teeth extracted. She was in excruciating pain while waiting in line to be seen... and likely had been in pain for some time. I think it was said that over 4000 extractions were done in the @ 30 hours of time and that no one who came was turned away.

We have become a third world nation. Those in charge, and those who have the money to buy them, are the "haves" and the rest of us are the "have nots." Paraphrasing Churchill, never have so many been screwed by so few....and we're letting them get away with it.

Stan Bozarth

While I agree, it would be so much better if

we could just get the jackasses in D.C. to stop worrying about their insurance and pharma lobbyist donations and just get this health care overhaul done correctly! Affordable health care for all is the real answer. Hell, there are plenty of other lobbyist groups that can take up the slack for our esteemed members of Congress. I'm sure they will.

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