Shop smart, Shop S-mart

Now I can't even remember where that line came from... was it Army of Darkness?

Anyway, While on are weekly excursion to B&N for coffee and book browsing, my husband and I stumbled across a book that I found to be very interesting. "The Blue Pages, 2nd Edition." is a directory of business and how much they contribute to either the Democratic or Republican party, their lobby spending, and other useful information, such as whether they are harming or helping the environment, whether they offer domestic partner benefits, and if their insurance covers transgender employees, if they plead guilty to doing business with a terrorist organization, and so on.

Considering how many places there are to shop that sell the same types of products, and how many different companies make the a particular type of product, not only should we consider the out of pocket costs of our purchases, but also the political, social, and environmental impact of the companies we purchase from. Spending less money on those that are working against our interests, and more on those that promote them. After all, their campaign contributions and lobbying bucks come from us. We should make sure they are lobbying on behalf of us as best we can.

Where do you not shop? What bands do you avoid buying?


I shop in locally owned stores

and try to stay away from big companies whenever possible. When I have to get big stuff, I use the Blue Pages ... and mostly end up shopping online.

We actually started a "Buy BlueNC"

page here, but it honestly would be a full-time job to create and maintain it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness both contain that quote.

Bruce Campbell was so good in both of those movies.

We don't shop at the local (enter MART or Gigundo Home Improvement Chains here) but instead frequent the local Ace Hardware. I'm not above shopping at a MART or a H I Chain if that is the only place I can get something, but that certainly isn't the case very often. When I buy computers and electronics, I go to the source most often as that is normally a money saver and cuts out the middle man (heh) in most cases. Most of our shopping for big ticket household items is done online. Other stuff? Harris Teeter, Food Lion, etc. Groceries via the internet are expensive and the shipping costs are killer.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I try to buy books... The Regulator in Durham, when I can get there. It's a bit of a shlep for me, but not tragically far. I've been a member for years. I buy a lot of food from my local co-op, but a lot at Harris Teeter too - it's tough to avoid that.

I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs.