Shhhh . . . Top Secret Summit

A few months ago, I found myself wishing for better collaboration among progressive candidates and causes. I reached out to a couple of high profile activists and asked if they'd be willing to meet after November 7th to talk about how progressives might work together more effectively. Not just to get people elected, but to help educate policy makers and citizens alike about important issues. If you were going to convene such a "summit" meeting, who would you invite?


Some thought starters

1. Did you know there's a Progressive Caucus in the legislature (I didn't). Who among them would be ideal?

2. Think tanks like NC Policy Watch and the Justice Center?

3. Environmental leadership? Which ones "play well with others"?

4. Health policy activists?

5. Bloggers?

5. Foundations and grants-makers?

The North Carolina Conservation Network

is one of the places I'd go. Extremely active and informed on environmental and health issues with a large constituency.

Stan Bozarth


We should try and find out what the major progressive pushes will be this legislative year, then find the nonprofits that work on those issues.

I agree with all the other stuff above as well.

CountryCrats - my thoughts, my blog.

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Maybe one of our legislative lurkers

can tell us what the top ten progressive opportunities might be in the upcoming session. Alternatively, we can start defining them ourselves and look for sponsors. That's how all the BS (such as the Pledge of Allegiance legislation last year) from Called2Action happens. They find a good god issue and drive it through to sponsorship by a few god-fearing legislators.

Progressive Democrats of NC

Did you know there is a state-wide Progressive Democrats organization?

I was a former board member of the PDNC PAC which merged with the PDNC Caucus in June. We pushed through a number of Progressive legislative items through the Democratic State Executive Committee this year and worked with Jerry and the legislature to help get many of them passed. We're assembling a new agenda for the coming session.

We also hold training sessions for Progressive candidates from across the state many of whom were elected a week ago.

We'll be relaunching the new organization soon and look forward to working with other Progressive groups to advance the movement state-wide.

Progressive Democrats of North Carolina

PDNC & Greendogs

I guess I missed the transition from Greendogs. Can someone explain more as the old site gives little indication of the change?

I was aware of the organization

but haven't seen much action beyond a meeting (late summer?). We tried to drum up some participation here, but as I recall, the timing wasn't good for several of the BlueNC front-pagers.

Please keep us in the loop as you relaunch and let us know how we can help.

Specific questions:

1. Do you have any inside insight about the top priorities for the upcoming long session?

2. Who's driving what?

3. Who should we be in contact with if a Top Secret (Not) Summit begins to materialize?


Contact PDNC's President Pete McDowell at

Resistance is Fertile


Southern Environmental Law Center is a group with two offices in different parts of the state with lots of experience and knowledge with environmental issues.

One office in Chapel Hill, one in Asheville

Good suggestion

If this starts to materialize, I'll ask Mark if he or someone else from the Center wants to come to the party.

Bill Holman

Maybe now that Bill Holman is (sadly) stepping down as head of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund to become a become visiting scholar at Duke's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions he can be tapped for progressive...*drumroll*...environmental policy solutions.

Charlotte Observer news link

Wasn't Pricey

Harrison an attorney/lobbyist for environmental groups before election to the Legislature? I could be wrong, but I think I remember hearing that somewhere. A call to her office might yield a few names.

Also along environmental lines, the Neuse River Foundation and the River Keepers might be a nice addition.

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Great idea.

It's amazing how many different people in the Triangle have been talking to me about Traction over the past few months. Thanks for the reminder.

You definitely want to talk

You definitely want to talk to Lanya Shapiro at traction. Can I say it again You definitely want to talk to Lanya Shapiro at traction.

E-mail me privately for her e-mail.

Did I say Traction? lanya is kick ass and it is always an honor to work with her and help her out on projects and grants and boy she got a whopper of a grant last week.

traction...Yep don't delay talk to her today.


I'm on it.