The sheer embarrassment that is Madison Cawthorn, continued


Apparently "focusing on comms" means just making shit up:

Speaking on the House floor on Thursday to criticize the Biden administration's handling of the economy, Cawthorn said, "It was Thomas Jefferson that said, 'Facts are stubborn things. And whatever may be our wishes, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.' "

This is a famous quote from John Adams, not Jefferson. (Cawthorn omitted two of Adams' words in the quote.) Adams uttered it in 1770 while serving as defense lawyer for British soldiers who had been charged with murder in the Boston Massacre.

Using my Jeff Foxworthy voice: "If you go to the trouble to memorize almost an entire quote, but you get the author of the quote wrong, you just might be an idiot." It's also noteworthy that Adams did not rely on facts in his defense of the British soldiers, he used racism and hyperbole to attack the character of the people who were shot by those soldiers. But back to Maddy and his tortured history:

In a speech to the Republican National Convention last August, Cawthorn invoked "American history" as evidence that "young people can change the world." He said his "personal favorite, James Madison, was just 25 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence."

Madison did not sign the Declaration of Independence.

After Cawthorn's claim was fact-checked as false, he tweeted that he had "ad libbed that line" and "meant to say James Madison was 25 when the Declaration was signed." He added in a second tweet: "After speaking all of that truth ... I was afraid the fact checkers were going to get bored. I wanted to give them something to do."

He truly is an idiot. Trying to cover his mistake with a couple more lies, and ones that cast his original mistake as an actual lie, and not a misstatement.

But one of his worst historical references was trying to use the Viet Cong as an example of why the 2nd Amendment needs to be preserved:



Cawthorn is a prime example...

of why gerrymandering is such a horrible affront to a democracy. It's how you get ignorant twits like him in office, when they would never win in actually competitive districts. It's the mechanism by which our political system is radicalized and dumbed down to the point where nothing productive (and much that's destructive) gets done.