The sheer embarrassment that is Madison Cawthorn


This little before and after tells you all you need to know:

"Get ready, the fate of a nation rests on our shoulders, yours and mine. Let’s show Washington that our backbones are made of steel and titanium. It’s time to fight."

“I don't feel I had any responsibility for them attacking the Capitol,” Cawthorn said. “It was despicable. They are thugs.”

This guy is so deeply, madly in love with himself he needs to get a room. With a strong lock on it:




He needs to be ejected from Congress...

like all the rest of the seditionists that backed Trump's two coup attempts (the one to overturn the Electoral College vote and the armed one that invaded the Capital.) That should really be a Confederate battle flag that traitor has wrapped around himself. At least that would be an honest representation of his allegiance.

Such depraved ignorance backing him

He's a two-bit con man rolling a wheelchair to tag his next mark, all the while cheering on Trump's disdain for Americans with disabilities. It's beyond sickening that a small core of dumbass fans can't even see they're being taken for a ride. I guess it's just that kind of ignorance that fascists depend on.