Sex Education on CNN

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Last week CNN reporter Carol Costello came to Durham, NC to interview several North Carolina State Activists about a story about the Healthy Youth Act in North Carolina.

The story aired last Thursday on American Morning, and it is now Online:


Overall, I really liked the story, but only a very small segment from our interview was included.  I realize this is the way that TV media works, that you can talk for an hour but only 10 seconds will air, but I was still hoping for more of our interview to be featured.   It was great to see our state-wide campaign on the national news, however!

Another disappointment with the story is that the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of NC was not mentioned at all, and the NC Family Policy Council was.  The APPCNC and NCFPC have extremely different motives, and one leads to accurate information and one leads to exaggeration and falsehoods.  See, the NCFPC's mission is  "Defending traditional family values", and the APPCNC's mission is to "support North Carolina communities in preventing adolescent pregnancy through advocacy, collaboration, and education."

See the difference?  The APPCNC cares about protecting the health of young people, and the NCFPC cares about traditional family values.  The NCFPC does not have experts working to reduce teen pregnancy, yet they were featured on this piece as though they were the experts on this issue.  The APPCNC supports programs that have been proven effective at preventing pregnancy, and the NCFPC promotes programs that are ineffective, and are sometimes damaging to young peoples health. While there is nothing inherently wrong with defending "traditional family values", organizations that do this are not qualified to talk about sex education programs on national TV.  


Fabulous video.

I love that reporter, too. Good job all around.


And yes, Carol Costello was really great. She did a piece on the SAT's this week that was also really good.

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