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Today, the WesPAC and Democrats Work communities launched a contest to determine which Congressional District General Wes Clark is going to visit this summer.

This won’t be an ordinary visit. General Clark will travel to one Congressional District where a Democratic challenger is fighting to change the direction of our country to work side-by-side with area Democrats to make a positive impact through community service. We want you to tell us where we should put our values into action.

You can cast your vote here:

For 34 years, General Clark served our country in the United States Army. Service is a cornerstone upon which our country was built. It is central to what makes America great. That’s why we’re excited to have General Clark join us. We’re ready to bring a service project to a community near you. But it can only be successful if we hear from you.

Vote to bring General Clark to your district. Or vote to send him to a district where you want Democrats to roll up their sleeves at a community service project. We’ll invite the Democratic challenger for Congress and his or her supporters - and all of you who vote for the winning district - to join me at the service event. And we will show everyone how Democrats gets things done.

Vote here:

Democrats Work has helped spread a new politics of service across the country, mobilizing thousands of Democrats at more than 80 service events cleaning up neighborhoods and parks, supporting our troops, caring for veterans, working at food banks, planting trees. Many of you helped make that happen.

Cast your vote today to bring that same spirit of service to a great part of our country. It is our job to spread the word far and wide. It is your job to make sure your favorite district wins!

The first round of voting will only last until Friday, May 30th, so get your vote in today. Only the top five vote-getters will move on to the final round!

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Great opportunity for Larry Kissell and/or Daniel Johnson

edited With Ft. Bragg as part of the 8th district, General Clark would be especially effective for Larry Kissell. But it's equally appealing to think about General Clark helping Daniel Clark kick McHenry's butt out of Washington. Looks like the site will accept your vote at least twice in a browser session.

Go vote now, and get your friends to go vote, too!

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Vote, vote

Getting Wes Clark into North Carolina would scare the crap out of Flipper and McHenry. Make sure you go vote ... and if you have the chance, email this to your friends, especially in the Fayetteville area.

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Harry Taylor is a vet, served in the Air Force.

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I am running around the web trying to follow up on all the State blogs, campaigns, and supporters that are commenting on the contest, so forgive me if I am slow to get to the comments on all the threads.

If you want to get another district on the map or if you have any other comments about the contest drop my boss a line at

I don't know who at WesPAC or at D.W. makes the call, or if anything can be done during the holiday weekend, but it can't hurt to let General Clark know about your support for the good candidates, or to let Democrats Work know where the grassroots is active in supporting their communities.