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Today's post on the importance of local blogs at MyDD and at BlueNC is one I heartily second.

I got into active politics via the influence of DailyKos and Howard Dean's urging to rebuild the party from the ground up.

I'm now a candidate in one of the nation's largest and strangest partisan school board races (130,00 registered voters in my school board "district").

I've come a long way since my "greatest hit" diary at DKos (also front paged at MyDD), Party Takeover Underway, but am also discovering how much further there is to go.

We are working to renew the local Democratic party in Forsyth County which, despite a Dem registration advantage, is run by the GOP.

An active county blog is a future project and there are folks interested. For now, Blue NC is the only game in town.

The old-school party regulars in Forsyth could use extra proof that the internet works! Donate anything ending in .02 to give them your two cents worth. We have some new blood, too, but the argument will be "won" by pointing to results.

What better time than the last day of the funding quarter?

Just go to my Candidate Website, check out the need and make a difference. Thanks!

Please comment and ask questions here, too.


Thanks for this post

I absolutely agree. Most people don't take the time to realize it, but probably something like 90% of their interaction with government is interaction with state and local government. National politics is sexy, but the truth is that our national governmental institutions could go to hell (or to the Republicans) and strong progressive state and local institutions could pick up the slack.

There's another reason this is important, thanks to the Supreme Court. If mid-decade partisan gerrymandering is Constitutional, Democratic control of the US House will depend in most states on Democratic control of the state legislature.

Anyway, thanks Ross, for posting. Onward!


No Child Left Behind? Our county government holds the futures of it's 50,000 enrolled school children in its hands (and is letting a third of them slip through its fingers).

Yes, local politics make a big difference.

We are also paying the price now for sitting still when Ralph Reed and the Christian Coalition made it their goal more than 20 years ago to take political power by starting at the school board level and then moving people up through the ranks.

Virginia Foxx is one of many who got their start as a school board member.

Be the Democrat you want to see.

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Be the Democrat you want to see.

Wish schoolboard members

Could run outside of their districts.....we need you here in Charlotte. It doesn't matter which party is in control there's nothing but partisan bickering.

It would be great to have more local posts about Winston-Salem. I need to cough up some Charlotte posts.

I wish local candidates could have an account on ActBlue. So far I think it's only statewide and races for federal office.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Charlotte . . .

. . . is the one school system in the state that makes ours look really good.

I'm too busy doing the campaign to post much myself, but agree that posters from the various regions and cities should be encouraged.

Here for now is the basic lay of the land around these parts:

1) At the county level there are more good Democratic challengers than we have had in 14 years.

2) GOP commissioners and school board are bringing themselves bad publicity on the front pages of the paper by:

-- cutting funds for the health center for the poor ($800,000 was the total budgeted before, all was cut) while spending millions elsewhere in a $350 million budget.Be the Democrat you want to see.

-- slashing $60 million or more from a school bond proposal that was already at least $100 million short of needs. We are using 400 trailers for classrooms and even with the bond would still be using over 200.

-- voting for landfills.

-- claiming that a high school in trouble with the state and the courts for having less than 50% of its students at grade level is just misunderstood.

-- calling a doctor who directs health care for the needy "disrespectful" because he criticized the budget.

Without big statewide races on the ballot this year it is up to us to get out our vote. National disatisfaction with the GOP inability to govern may spill in to the local races, but we need to get folks to the polls.

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Be the Democrat you want to see.