Senator Soucek Rips ETJ Away from Boone

Yesterday, 6/25/14, Senator Dan Soucek (R-45th) succeeded in his effort to strip Boone of its extraterritorial jurisdiction. SB 865 won approval in a vote of 66-46. The ETJ will now be controlled by the Republican led Watauga County Commissioners barring legal action that could be taken by the Town of Boone.

On Monday, 6/23/14, the House Committee on Government did not provide the bill with a favorable report by a vote of 12-15. On Tuesday, however, the bill was reintroduced in the absence of some Committee members who had voted against it and was given a favorable report.

There has been strong opposition to removing Boone's ETJ authority. In what is becoming the absolute norm for this General Assembly, it does not appear that Senator Soucek or his representatives made any effort to obtain the opinions of those living in the ETJ regarding the removal of Boone's oversight. This marks the first time in NC history that the State has taken away a Town's ETJ authority and sets the precedent for further actions Statewide.


Big-government jerkwads

As usual with municipality disputes, developers are pulling the strings:

In 2006, in response to the large Villages at Meadowview complex that was erected above Walmart, the Boone Town Council enacted steep slope and viewshed regulations banning high-density development to protect areas in danger of slope failure and to preserve the scenic beauty of Boone's hillside areas.

The regulations faced sharp criticism from developers who opposed the bill, including the Templeton family.

“These ordinances will be nullified if this bill is passed,” Clawson said. “The town will be unable to prevent high-density development on the mountains, which create Boone's spectacular backdrop.” Clawson urged citizens to contact their legislative leaders about the bill.

That article was from two years ago when Soucek first tried (and failed) to grab Boone's ETJ for his buddies.


The statement regarding this being the first time that the NCGA has removed a city's authority over an ETJ was incorrect. Last year Asheville's ETJ authority was also targeted and removed by the NCGA, making it the first instance of this in NC. My apologies.