Senator Hagan, I worked to get you elected. And today you failed our nation's young people.

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The DREAM act failed today in the senate, a heartbreaking defeat to many who have worked hard for years on this legislation.  This is also a set back for our whole country and for my generation, as we are not able to offer a path to citezenship to those who want to serve our country.  The Senate needed 60 votes to bring the bill to the floor, they got 55-- well above what would be needed for the bill to pass in a normal vote.


Amoung the six democrats who voted “no” was Senator Hagan (D-NC).  I worked for Hagan in 2008, helping her win election.  I made hundreds of phone calls to friends, strangers, potential donors, to encourage them to support her campaign. On Nov. 4th, 2008 I was proud to say that Hagan was my elected senator.  

This "No" vote sets back hundreds of thousands of young people.  People like Isabel Castillo, arrested for a sit-in at Sen. Reid's office, won’t get a chance to become a citizen simply because 5 Senators didn’t have the courage to step up when our country needed them to.

"I am here because I am undocumented and unafraid" (full video here)

"I am American, just not on paper. This is home. We've grown up here, we pay taxes. We just want to contribute back to our community.

Senator Hagan says she voted "No" because she supports comprehensive immigration reform.  I am all with her – we need to work towards solutions to address this issue—but that is no excuse not to vote for the DREAM act.  I think she voted no because she wants to be seen as a moderate democrat, and she is simply not willing to take a stand on this.

Shame on her for not stepping up to the plate.  Her supporters are disappointed.  


Dan Jubelirer is a 2010 Netroots Fellow at Amplify, a youth-driven community dedicated to promoting sexual health and reproductive justice.


Hagan let us down

Her vote against invoking cloture on the DREAM act is unconscionable.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

I'll Second That

Shame on you Senator Hagan.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for posting this. I worked to get her elected too. So far, I'm mostly regretting it. I welcomed her vote on "the deal" on taxes, even though her reasons were mostly crocodile tears about deficit hysteria.

One of my criteria for front-paging stuff involves the amount of work I have to do to clean it up. In this case, I edited in order to spell the Senator's name correctly with two A's.


While I don't think I should support a candidate based on a single vote, her over-all record is disappointing.

Check out Amplify, youth driven community dedicated to changing society's dysfunctional approach to sexual health issues

More on Hagan's true colors

On the big board at Kos

North Carolina's rapidly growing Latino population will be a big factor in the state's expected gain of an extra House seat during reapportionment. They, along with a growing Asian community, could potentially be a key component of [Hagan's] reelection coalition.

Instead, she just took a baseball bat to their kids, opting to be an asshole rather than do the right thing.

The DREAM Act vote may have failed, but it was very helpful -- now we know who the true assholes are in the Democratic Party -- and it's too bad to see Hagan among them.

Veru disappointing

This is very disappointing. Any time talented young people do not get opportunities, something is terribly wrong.

Durham Dem


Go for it!

Check out Amplify, youth driven community dedicated to changing society's dysfunctional approach to sexual health issues

Just pathetic.

Disappointing and surprising - though in retrospect it should not have been - to see Hagan wimp out so profoundly. She's as spineless as they come, as she's demonstrated again and again.

What a selfish disservice to thousands of deserving young people.