Senator Austin Allran is at it again

Senator Allran, the rocket surgeon representing Alexander and Catawba counties is at it again, this time sticking his nose where it truly doesn't belong: your marriage, or more precisely, your divorce.

The “Healthy Marriage Act” would change the way couples in North Carolina get a divorce. Instead of requiring that they live apart for one-year, Allran’s new legislation would have them file an intent to divorce, then wait two years before their split is official.

The couple could live together or apart during those two years, according to the bill.

The couple would have to complete courses on improving communication skills and conflict resolutions, something that isn’t required currently.

And if they have kids, the couple would have to take a four-hour course on how divorce affects children. (News & Record)

Another card-carrying member of the Tarheel Taliban, Sen. Warren Daniel, who represents Burke and Cleveland counties, cosponsored the bill.

North Carolina already has one of the longest waiting periods for divorce in the nation at one year, and based on personal experience, that is twelve months too long.

When my first marriage crashed and burned about fifteen years ago nothing could have saved it, and being forced to wait another year to finalize the divorce only increase the animosity and caused more pain for everyone involved. The only people who benefit from any waiting period for divorce are the lawyers, and they benefit mightily.

Forcing adults who are ready to end their relationship to stay married a day longer than necessary only makes a bad situation worse, and if they have children, as my first wife and I do, they are the one's who suffer most.

If Senators Allran and Daniel want to impose their personal morality on the people they represent I would respectfully suggest that perhaps they should move to Afghanistan. I hear the Taliban is always looking for new recruits.


This bill needs an amendment


Any two people wishing to be married must announce their intention through public notice and wait no less than two years before the marriage is officially recognized by the State of North Carolina.

There really should be a four year waiting period ... twice the time required for divorce. After all, more thought on the front end would decrease the odds of divorce on the back end. No? Then again, the State of North Carolina could just stay the fuck out of people's lives ... but I guess that's not in the cards for all our small-government Republican paternalists.

long divorce...

This two year waiting period seems to have no exceptions for victims of domestic abuse.... Are these victims now to be forced to sit in a counseling session with their abuser??


That, prior to marriage, each party must present certificates of completion from: communications class, parenting class (since the only reason to marry is to have children) and one of the following- a. cooking class (if female); b. money management class (if male); and religious counseling by a Baptist minister.

Minimum two year wait and proof of fertility.

Careful now

Let's not give these idiots any help. They come up with stupid ideas well enough on their own.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail