Senate Judiciary approves Mueller protection bill

And yes, I chose this particular Tweet because it's evidence Fran De Luca is against investigating public corruption. Hypocrites-R-Us...



The Fox and Friends Trump phone call

For those of you that can't stand listening to Trump and avoid actually hearing his voice, as I often do, you really owe it to yourself to watch this.

In all my recollection of American politics, even reaching back to the rantings of McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings, I've never heard such an incoherent, paranoid delusional display by a public official.

They should be protecting the Meuller investigation, yes, but, really the Senate should be seriously looking at the 25th Amendment here. This is not a sane person. This is not a well person.

If you had a family member like this, you'd be talking with your family doctor, hiding the car keys, and keeping weapons and sharp objects from this guy.

Even the host of his favorite Fox news program are really left dumb-founded by it and cut him off. And he went on like this for a full 25 minutes.

This person is a danger to himself and others.

That's some scary sh/t.

Listening to that asshole makes me want to scream.

If there were a god, He or She would end this madness right now. Tonight. Trump would be a dead asshole, plain and simple. I think that's why there's a growing number of atheists these days.