See Dick Cry

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Awwww. Poor Dickie Burr got all teared up when he visited Normandy this week and saw what happens to real soldiers who fought in real wars. Which brings up two dots worth connecting. First, you know Republican chickenhawks are hurting when they look for photo opportunities in war cemeteries and special legislation to support the armed forces. And second, you know the News and Observer is sucking up when Rob Christensen deems this pathetic pandering to be worthy of coverage without calling bullshit.

North Carolina's junior Senator is a joke. On one day he's oh-so-sad about our honorable war dead, and on another day, he's supporting a weakening of the the personal liberties and rights to free expression that they died for.

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr stood at the cemetery in Normandy, France, over Memorial Day weekend and thought of his dad, a World War II veteran who fought in the Pacific but wanted to visit the place where the Americans stormed Omaha Beach. He thought, too, of the war dead in Iraq.

"I thought that we don't always understand the importance of the wars we fight when we're fighting them," Burr said. "There are future generations that will benefit in ways we'll never know." Burr, a Republican from Winston-Salem, joined other members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee during the Memorial Day recess in visiting American war cemeteries abroad. They attended ceremonies or laid wreaths at World War I and World War II cemeteries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Tunisia. At a ceremony in the Netherlands, more than 7,000 people attended to honor the American dead.

"It was probably the most moving trip I've been on in the time I've been in Congress," Burr said. He said the group talked about promoting the cemeteries to Americans traveling abroad. Nearly 125,000 American dead are interred in military cemeteries overseas. Burr was impressed at the cemeteries' upkeep, where the grass seemed as though it were cut with scissors. The rows of white crosses were as symmetrical as those at national cemeteries in the United States."

Go read the rest of the soap opera, and be sure to bring your hankie. You'll want to wipe your mouth after you throw up.


Richard Burr: Born 1955

Dick is five years younger than I am. He graduated from high school at the tale end of the Vietnam debacle. Instead of enlisting in the military or enrolling in an ROTC program, he headed into big bidness so he could grow up to be a fat cat. He NEVER served in the United States armed forces. But he sure does like showing off pictures (click to enlarge) on his website with men in uniform.


Got a bit of an inferiority complex, eh Dick?

Are you surpised?

GWB Jr. is just like the original. A seasoned political opportunist, with no regard for their past and who they really are.

I seriously cannot stand him as a person or a politico. However he is marginally better than Dole.

Why dont we harp on her more? Oh wait thats b/c she's NC invisible Senator from Kansas.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

For all its worth

Burr's politics might be something with which I disagree, but I can't help but feel some sort of "hometown pride" knowing that a guy who grew up in my town, went to my high school, and sent his sons to my high school is now a US Senator. It sometimes feels good to know you are in the company (sort of, somewhat, kinda) of success. It makes you persist and want the same thing for yourself.

Matt Hill Comer | The Q-triad Blog

I understand the sentiment.

It's a weird thing, loyalty to geographic places. But I do know what you mean.

Maybe you can use that common ground (literally) to sit down with him and turn him away from the Dark Side.

I would if I were you.

I could try

RJR alumni are like a cult... especially the ones who are all community-involved or civic-minded. I'd place a good bet that a letter from a person, signed with "RJ Reynolds High School, Class of ##" would carry some weight, although I'm sure Burr has bigger loyalties to worry about now.

I'll have to try it some time and see how it works.

Matt Hill Comer

It's worth your time

From everything I've heard from trainers and non-profit lobbyists, the ONE tool of persuasion that actually does work with lawmakers (without a fat contribution) is pointing out your common roots or common ground and then using your personal story or narrative to make an appeal/argument on an issue.

Even if all you manage to do is make him stop and think about one vote, it's worth it. Go for it! :)