Sec. State Clinton Greeted by Cheering crowd of State Dept. Staffers


I'm really happy to see the career staffers cheering

the arrival of our new Secretary of State.  I wish I had seen this live, but caught it at Talking Points Memo.  Does anyone else get the impression these folks weren't exactly thrilled working for the previous inhabitants of the state department?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I know some career SD employees

they were just holding their breath for the past year, hoping that Obama would win and that sanity would finally return to their department.  I'm guessing 95% are flat out elated with Secretary Clinton's appointment.

There's a big difference about to take place

Looking into Chillary's eyes (that's a term of endearment), I can see the heads of state and their representatives cowering under!, I'm certainly no Hillary fan, but me thinks there's not gonna be much wool to pull over her eyes.  I know I'm gonna catch it from the fems here....but, Mr. Bill ain't gonna let that happen. 

How'd ya like to be in a high-level meeting putting forth some far-out threat against America if they "don't do this and don't do that" and have to look into those eyes?  MY GAWD !!

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Yep - you're going to catch it.

Secretary Clinton never needed Bill to look out for her.  I have no doubt that she can take care of herself, and wouldn't even want Bill to step in. She's a strong, intelligent woman in her own right, for god's sake. You really ought to pull yourself up out of the 50's and recognize that the world has changed.

Like I said....

I knew I'd catch it for that.  I wasn't trying to pick a fight with that...and no, I'm certainly not in the '50's.  I'm elated that we have Hillary in a cabinet position.  I know she's a "strong, intelligent woman in her own right".  My point, of course, is that if she's attacked, she's got one super defender.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Just watched this twice.

Brought tears to my old eyes.  What a happy day!

They look like they've been liberated

everyone except that guy with the blue tie over her right sholder.  Does she get secret service?

Makes sense

didn't think about that aspect, sorry.  He sure is vigilant though, wouldn't think that those people posed that much of a threat.  Obviously I'm wrong.

He's just doing his job

I bet those folks are so used to seeing the Secret Service they don't even notice them.  Wouldn't it suck having someone always on your heels?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You always give up something to get something

yeah, it would suck.  Boy o, was I greatful that they were all vigilant on January 20th, every time the Obama's got out of the car I held my breath.  Can not even imagine how the secret service felt.

Secret Service

 All presidents and first ladies prior to W continue to receive Secret Service protection for life after leaving office. The only exception is if a former president were to die or the couple becomes divorced and a former first lady remarries. Clinton signed a law in 1997 which ended life protection starting with W (well not him specifically, but whoever would become the forty-third president). Hillary retains her protection as the law is not retroactive (and technically ex-post facto laws are illegal per Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution). Had Hillary become president she would've retained protection as she is covered under the previous law.

I think that considering the world is a very different place than it was in 1997, I believe Congress should restore lifetime protection. While we are not in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated because she did not receive the customary lifetime protection that former prime ministers are entitled to. The last thing the United States needs is a former president being seriously hurt after leaving office because they no longer receive protection.

Like watching Dumbledore return

Like watching Dumbledore return to Hogwarts after Dolores Jane Umbridge's reign of terror.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Obama and Clinton LIVE

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Oh my goodness

It is so exciting to have adults back in charge.


  and amen!


 I'm happy that she's

 I'm happy that she's secretary. It's almost surreal saying Secretary Clinton. While I think America would be in better hands with Clinton as president (I will never let that down), I'm happy with President Obama (and voted for him), happy with Vice-President Biden (come on you can't tell me the joke about Roberts WASN'T funny) and happy with Secretary Clinton.

So how long before she gives blackwater thugs

the boot? A pink slip? Walking paper? Terminates the marriage between the SD and the mercs of the country? Tomorrow is not soon enough. We have given them enough of our money. Blackwater has done enough damage to the image of our country. Let the world know "robost diplomacy and effective development for securing America's security" does not include blackwater or other mercinary groups. That we will work with countries and not have thug groups parading around looking like US Military forces on their soil. That the SD will not engage in guns for hire with no oversite on [Foriegn] soil.

I am opposed to Blackwater dont get me wrong

cant stand what they stand for, but I want them weakened also for a quazi personal reason.  The Hale's Lake OLF site looks like the Navy might partner with them thugs. Their training facility would in effect "share the same fence line" as the Navy. They would be neighbors, thats for sure.

Of all the groups to partnership with, Blackwater is not the group our Navy should be embracing.  While the Navy is willing to condemn properties and are trying to run rough shod over a community to be so overtly associated with Blackwater is scary.

I can see parterning with environmental groups, businesses that make things like a noisy factory what ever, but to strengthen that thug group at the expense of a community? Really sending the wrong message.

Does the Navy need this OLF, nope. Does the Navy need to be impacting a community to bolster an unneeded enterprise that is not a positive for this country? heck no. 

This one hurts because I am advocating the lose of jobs for people in my region, but the negitive impact of the merc portion of blackwater is just bad.  If Blackwater wishes to continue training folks at there ranges, fine, Camden and Currituck know what they are getting in. That is what that site typically does.  They also retrofit things like humvees, cars, helos and other things. I am not advocating stoping that work at Blackwater if its not used to support terror. I just do not wish my Navy to be associated with that group. That is to much of a preceived marrage. The Navy or the rest of the military are not thugs, but being associated this closely will give the preception they are.

I don't want North Carolinians to lose jobs, either.

But I don't think it's wrong to work against something as unnecessary and environmentally detrimental as the OLF (whichever site). We defeat that threat, then we work to bring safe, "green" jobs to NC, especially in high unemployment areas.

Daily Show

the Daily Show take was hilarious. 

That's Hillary Clinton, Freeing the State Department

"Keep the Faith"