In search of Person Three: NC man facilitated Capitol insurrection

And he has a lot to answer for:

Caldwell, who prosecutors say served in an unspecified leadership role within the Oath Keepers, suggested on Nov. 23 things would get violent no matter who becomes president. “I believe we will have to get violent to stop this, especially the antifa maggots who are sure to come out en masse even if we get the Prez for 4 more years,” he texted Watkins, per prosecutors.

In December, Crowl attended a “training camp” in North Carolina while Caldwell arranged hotel stays in Washington D.C. Watkins worked on seeing if “NC boys” are coming, according to prosecutors. Caldwell later said at least 40 people from North Carolina, maybe more from Mississippi were coming.

Right now these Ohio Militia people are the main focus, but only three have been indicted. That may be the bulk of this group, as you can see from the photo. The NC group is another story entirely, and Person Three in particular needs to be identified. Read the indictments, because this guy brought a truckload (I'm assuming it was a pickup truck) of weapons so the other 40(?) wouldn't have to bring them on the commercial bus:

Caldwell allegedly told Watkins that the leader of another group, unnamed in the indictment but described in previous court filings as “Paul,” promised a busload of more than 40 and weaponry.

Paul “is too broken down to be on the ground all day and . . . he is committed to being the quick reaction force and bringing the tools if something goes to hell,” Caldwell said, according to the indictment. “That way the boys won’t have to schlep weps on the bus. He’ll bring them in his truck the day before.”

And according to the Indictments linked above, he did come early, and checked into a motel on the outskirts of DC. I have a feeling the Feds have already zeroed in on him, because these Ohio idiots even mentioned the motel he was staying at and the approximate time he checked in. They also revealed the itinerary of the bus travelers, which closely matches the schedule of a tour bus which left out of Greensboro, supposedly organized by the Guilford and Randolph GOP.

This story is still developing, will update when I can.



That part where the bus...

was organized by two county GOP organizations is very interesting. The question, as always with the NCGOP, is how far the rot goes up the fish. Does it lead all the way to the head? How many NCGOP figures will ultimately be caught up in this? It's an open question, but one we'd all like answered.

They've covered their tracks pretty well

A friend of mine posted this, which (supposedly) originated as an e-mail sent to Randolph County Republicans:

From Randolph County Republican Party:
Dear MAGA Patriots,
Join our Bus Trip on January 6, 2021 MAGA Assembly in Washington, DC
President Trump has asked American Patriots to assemble in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 on the day that Congress meets to select the Electors presented to Congress.
The Guilford County Republican Party has graciously agreed to organize one or more chartered buses for those who want to attend. It will be a quick trip up and back in a little more than 24 hours, which means no hotel accommodations are required. The bus will stop outside of Washington, DC to get breakfast before heading into the city and the bus will park at Union Station in the heart of the city.
After we depart Washington, DC for home we’ll stop for dinner. If we are unable to get into Union Station because of traffic, we’ll be taken to a Metro location outside of D.C. and then will need to take the Metro into the city. We must remain fluid since we do not know exactly how many people will be descending on Washington. However, Holiday Tours has assured us that they don’t foresee any problem getting into Union Station.
Depart Greensboro: Wednesday, January 6 at 1 a.m. (please arrive at 12:30 so we can depart by 1 a.m.)
Depart from: American Furniture Warehouse, 3900 West Gate City Blvd., Greensboro
Arrive in Washington, DC at Union Station between 8 and 9 a.m. on January 6
Depart Washington, DC back to Greensboro approximately 6 p.m.
Arrive back in Greensboro approximately 2 a.m. on January 7
Cost: $75 per person, no meals, snacks or Metro travel cost included
Deadline for Signing up: Monday, January 4th at 8 a.m.
What you’ll need:
Great walking shoes and appropriate clothing. Right now, it looks like D.C. will be partly cloudy and high of 50°
Extra money for meals or metro tickets if necessary
Water and Snacks for the bus ride
Masks are Optional with fully chartered bus.

In the indictment above, the bus carrying 40 "patriots" or whatever was supposed to arrive in DC on the morning of the 6th, and take them back to NC that night.