The search for Art Pope

The search committee to find the successor to UNC President Tom Ross has been announced. What characteristics were the Board of Governors seeking in search committee members? Perhaps knowledge of the university system, experience in recruiting top-level academics or knowledge about a presidential search process?

“You like to think that ideologies don’t matter because we’re all trying to find the very best leader for the university system, but in reality you do need a viewpoint of different ideologies in that process,” [Board of Governors vice chair Lou] Bissette said.

Well guess what, Lou? You already had the very best leader for the university system but you fired him because he's not a Republican tea party puppet.

So how'd they do in finding some "different ideologies" for the search committee?

Hannah Gage ... will be the only Democrat on the committee.

Word is the search committee's press release is already drafted:

"After looking far and wide, from east Raleigh all the way to northeast Raleigh, and narrowing down the applicants to one finalist, who was not interviewed, the search committee is pleased to recommend Art Pope for the position of UNC system president".



Prescient Seth Rose

already saw the handwriting on the wall last fall in his Daily Tarheel column.

When asked, Pope refused to speculate on the rumors connecting him to the presidency on the basis that Ross still holds the position.

Now that Art's board of governors has fired Tom, maybe Seth should check to see if Pope will speculate on the rumors.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

If Pope gets the job ....

... I'm willing to bet the Board will wait until sometime in the summer when the students and faculty are away to minimize the chances of some kind of protest or walkout right away so Pope can be in the position for at least a month or two before everyone is back on campus.